Thursday, July 16, 2015

abe at one month.

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so yeah, he's so stinking cute.

just in the last week or so he's been grinning and giggling some.


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

have you seen anything cuter?! i think not.

so, at one month abe:
  • is a great nurser. and pooper extraoridaire! 
  • has never had a good uninterrupted nap because his brothers are looney tunes. 
  • BUT he is so loved by isaac henry and grant. they fight over holding him and grant is always sneaking up and giving him sugar on the head. abe doesn't seem to mind them. 
  • sleeps a good 3-5 hour stretch at the beginning of the night and then co-sleeps with us for the rest of the night. so we're actually getting some rest!
  • doesn't love to be set down.. ummm.. anywhere. so that's just great. 
  • LOVES the outside. isaac henry says "abe just loooovveess sleepin' outside!" and he really does! you can almost guarantee that he'll fall asleep if you walk him out on the porch.
  • isn't crazy about the paci. he tolerates it occasionally. 
  • at his 3 week checkup he was back to birth weight.. 9 lb. 5 oz. and 22 inches long. 
we love this kid. i'm not gonna lie.. 3 kids is a little crazy. 3 is just a lot of kids. especially if they're all babies. but there's something about the third [so far. don't wanna count my chickens!] that's just.. i don't know.. easier? like we may actually know what we're doing this time around? i mean, we just jumped right back into life this time. church at 5 days old. firework shows at 2 weeks old. he's just going right along with the rest of this crazy bunch. and sometimes bryant and i look at each other and we're like, "we're totally nuts." but we might just be nuts enough to do this again.

isaac henry. grant.

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