Tuesday, June 9, 2015

number 3: 39 weeks.

i don't even have an official chalkboard picture to share. but who cares? will abe care? not likely. abe, your momma got huge because you lived in her body. hopefully when you're reading this she will no longer be huge but she makes no guarantees.

and bryant brought this shirt home from work for me and i feel like it's fitting.. because i could probably bust through a brick wall with this jumbo belly. and this was like last week or something so i'm probably even huger now.

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oh yeah!

so why? why?????? do i say dumb stuff like, "he's gonna come early. i just KNOW it."

because he's not here. well, i mean, he's here in the sense that he's still very much so in my uterus but not here in the sense that other people can hold him because that would be weird and probably painful.

feeling: fine, physically. just fine. i mean, heartburn, large-ness, can't sleep worth a lick, yada yada. but really i feel fine. little to no contractions. but y'all, i'm just emotionally spent. my patience is gone (bless my sons. and my husband.) and i feel kinda like i'm on the brink of tears/nervous breakdown at any moment. and i emotionally ate an entire bag of peanut butter m&ms over the last two days.. the party size. so if that's not a sign of the times, i don't know what else i can do for you.

other stuff: i'm envisioning abe with dark hair. will it happen?? time will tell. still loving ice. all the ice!!! and pooping about 5 times a day which is giving me false hope that my body must be getting ready, but i'm not believing the lies because in reality there's probably just no room for the poop. i'm just tired of pooping. i go to the doctor friday and i'm hoping he's gonna check me and be like, "it's a miracle! you're having this baby today!" but doubtful because #pregnantforever.

i'm planning on eating a whole pineapple while sitting indian style tonight and then i will seduce bryant into getting this babe out ross & rachel style, because you know he wants a piece of this. should make for an exciting tuesday evening.

over and out. specifically the out. yes. i'm talkin' to you, abram.

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