Tuesday, June 30, 2015

isaac says.

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"momma? do i look so beautiful?!"

watching snow white for the first time, seemingly unimpressed, talking about the wicked witch:
i wish there were robots in this movie so they could just die her.

i'm taking isaac to the bathroom at cracker barrel and he spots the "women" sign.
ih: this potty is for girls!
me: well, momma can't go in the boy bathroom so you just have to go in here.
ih: it stinks in here!
me: yeah. well..
ih: i bet it's because girls have been using this bathroom. 

isaac is standing beside me at the sink and sees me wipe a dirty plate with a sponge.
ih: is that thing magic?!

we're doing bible time and reading about the israelites disobeying.
ih: again?! i'm so tired of this!!
..God probably was too buddy.

ih comes out of his room after naptime and proclaims: the king is done sleeping! i'm the king.
me: well, did the king have a good nap?
ih: i'm not the king anymore. i'm a bird.

isaac built nashville.. i'll give you one guess which building is the batman building..

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

doing bible time. reading about sarah and abraham.
ih: how old is sari??
me: sarah? she was really old!
ih: no! sari??
me: sarah??
ih: no. SARI. in your phone!!!
... siri.

me: i'm glad you're my three year old.
ih: i won't be forever.
me: why not??
ih: because i have to be a grown up like you. (sad voice) and i won't be funny any more.
me: oh i bet you will! i bet you'll be even funnier!
ih, very matter-of-factly: grown ups aren't funny.
me: you don't think me and daddy are funny???
ih: you're maybe a little funny. 

driving down the road, isaac is talking a hundred miles a minute, like always.
ih: i LOVE breakfast. but i do not like green beans.
me: you don't like green beans?
ih: momma. just never fix me green beans again. ok?

ih: momma, i think daddy needs a new hiccup truck. a blue one.
me: a pick up truck?
ih: yeah. a hiccup truck.

after falling down in the gravel and skinning his knee pretty good, he was crying. a lot. i had comforted him all i could and put a bandaid on and it was time to ride the pain out.
me: buddy. there's nothing else we can do. you gotta just be tough.
ih: *crying, lots of tears, yelling, etc.*
me: that's part of playing outside. you're gonna get hurt. you just gotta be tough. now hush.
ih: *still crying*
me: isaac. that's enough. what do you want me to do??
me: ...


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