Monday, June 29, 2015

abe's birth story.

well, well, well. abe is approximately two weeks old so i guess it's birth story time.

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soooo.. the last week of my pregnancy was emotionally exhausting. i felt super hormonal and very emotional and like i was on the brink of tears always. so after much deliberation the plan was to ask for an induction on the friday that i had a doctor's appointment. my "due date" was the following monday but i was just done. i would have preferred for abe to come on his own but hope was fading fast and i felt like it was best for me and for my family if i evicted abe. at first, bryant was all "you don't want an induction." but then i think he saw that it was indeed going to be best for everyone if i wasn't pregnant anymore, so he got on board the induction train.

leading up to that appointment we did all the old wives' tales including but not limited to my consumption of an entire pineapple.. which only made my tongue raw. friday we went in. i packed a bag. and i told the doc that i was done. i wanted to have abe. he told me that he didn't have room for me in the inn (unless i was in active labor, which i very much so wasn't) but he scheduled an induction for me on tuesday morning, june 16.

that weekend we prepped and tried some more to "induce" labor the natural way [brown chicken brown cow] but tuesday came and abe was still snug in there. so off to the hospital we went for what i expected to be another ordinary induction birth story..

i got all hooked up and they started my pitocin at 8:00. at that point i was dilated to maybe a 3, 60% effaced, and abe was still very high.. showing no signs of evacuation. bryant was there, obvs. my mom got there around 9:30 i think. and my sweet friend cayte [who took all these amazing pictures!] got there shortly after that. rachel was on her way home and stopped by around lunch time to hopefully witness abe's grand entrance. but he was seemingly being a slowpoke. because HOURS had passed with me on the pitocin and i wasn't feeling a thing.

until 12:30. that's when stuff started happening. and man, it was hurting.

but we press on! because epidurals slow things down, right? and i don't want to do that! i want to speed things up! so i moaned and what-not through the contractions. and i told bryant, "i need to figure out how long i'm gonna be a hero." then at about 1:20 i was feeling like i would probably want an epidural soon so i got up to go to the bathroom one last time. while i was in the bathroom, things started getting intense, surprise surprise, so bryant called the nurse for my epidural.

cayte titled this photo "when s*** got real." i think that's about accurate..

the nurse got in there and checked me at about 1:30. i was dilated to 6. i expressed my concerns about slowing things down and she said "it's pretty much now or never." so we ordered the epidural. i got cozied back in bed while my mom and cayte fanned me with clip boards and i squeezed bryant's hand off. my dad got there about this time too (i think, i just remember him praying for me and me saying, "dad. please don't touch me." haha, i'm so kind.)

then at 1:45 my water broke. and i was like, deep breath, there's my water, deep breath.

and then about 30 seconds later i was like "WHERE IS MY EPIDURAL?!" and maybe some yelling. and maybe some pleading with the lord. and maybe a cuss. i never wanted to be that lady. the one who yells during labor. i just felt like it was all drama. but it's not. it really helps. just having that release is necessary and you just can't stop it. i take back everything i ever said about yelling laboring ladies. but i was aware i was yelling and that i didn't want to be because at one point i grabbed bryant's shirt and pulled him to me and yelled "SHUT UP!!!!" and he was all, "i didn't say anything." and i was like, "I'M TALKING TO MYSELF!!!!"

but anyway. after my water broke, i almost immediately turned over on my side and was like... i'm pushing. WHERE IS MY EPIDURAL?! and i told cayte "i'm either crapping right now or i'm having this baby." and she was all "do what you gotta do!" and then ran out into the hallway to tell my nurse that i was pushing.

so my nurse comes in and as you can imagine it's kinda chaos. and she checks me and is like, "yep. she's complete." and i'm all "WHERE IS THE EPIDURAL?!?!" because really my greatest fear at this point is feeling the pushing.. which i am doing.. and can't stop. and they're (my nurses and mom and cayte and bryant) are like you aren't getting an epidural. and i'm all "NOOOOO!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ALONE!!!!" and they're all super supportive and like YOU CAN DO THIS!

and then this really helpful nurse comes in and she's trying to tell me how to breath but i thought she was telling me shhhh. so i was all weepy and "i can't hush. i just can't!!" and she was like, don't hush! just breath!

and then the anesthesiologist, which we used to go to church with and i DO NOT want to see me in my nudity but OH WELL cause he did, comes in and is all, yeahhhhh, we can't really do much at this point. and so i said, "THEN GET OUT!"

more chaos. or at least it felt chaotic because this was all within 15 minutes! they throw my legs up in the stirrups. i closed my eyes. and bryant's crying because he's a precious man.

and i just push because that's all i know to do and my body literally won't stop pushing.. once. twice. opened my eyes and what do ya know?! abe is out and about! at 1:59 PM.

i will never get over the immediate relief of having a baby. it's like, intense pain!!! i want to die!!!! i might pass out right now!!! ...oh, i feel fine. baby please. and then they put him up on my chest and i was telling everyone there was no way he could be 9 lbs. because he just felt so tiny. but after a minute they weighed him and such and sure enough he was 9 lbs. 5 oz. my biggest baby yet!

so there ya have it. my induction turned natural birth story. and who woulda thought, i prefer the natural! i was walking down the hall like an hour later and my recovery has been amazing!! so next time, i'll probably go natural again. or maybe i'll just have number 4 in the car because 15 MINUTES people. crazy fast!!

i just kept telling bryant, "i cannot believe that just happened! i cannot believe i just did that!" it was really empowering! i'm the queen of the world!!

and the boys came that evening and they love him. well, grant has moments of love and moments of "i don't care." but isaac henry is obsessed.

abe is a delight. i'm glad he's ours. 


  1. First off CONGRATS!
    Second, these photos are amazingggggg!
    Love the story too!

  2. Precious!!! I'm so glad that you have all these pictures!


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