Friday, May 29, 2015

what's happening around these parts.

going on vacation in april has left me feeling like it's full blown summer time! so we've been doing the summer festivities. and chores. and other fun and exciting stuff.

we went a picked strawberries.

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strawberry season was super short this year because apparently the plants in our area were no count and weather was uncooperative. i was hoping to get back out there a second time but it's not looking like that's gonna happen. so i'll just be a little depressed every time i have to buy strawberries at the grocery store because the fresh were sooooo much better! ripe to center, like solid red.

i could not keep grant out of them. he probably ate a pint in the patch!

gotta love a juicy baby. and isaac henry was actually a really good helper this year.

our church fam threw us a little joint diaper/blessing shower for abe. i got to share it with these two awesome mommas..

melissa is having benjamin in september (her fourth boy!) and melanie is going to get her 4th, andrew, from china any day now!! so exciting to see our church family growing. i love that our boys are growing up around all these kids that are being raised by awesome jesus-loving parents.

we've also been working working working on big and little projects around the house. the main one being painting our gigantic porch and deck. i honestly thought it'd throw me into labor, but nope.

we've got a few fruit trees in our yard which have been a lot of fun too. last week, all our cherries turned bright red. they're tart and so i cannot stand to eat them, but the boys have been gobbling them up. this is bryant picking them with tongs from the porch. cracks me up!! 

and then one day, the cherries were GONE. i mean, absolutely gone. we had been graciously sharing with the wildlife, but they devoured them. in one day. it was crazy. the tree went from red to absolutely no fruit.

and we moved grant to a big bed and he's been doing great!!

i was so anxious about it but he has gone to sleep perfectly and just sits and plays in his bed until you come get him in the morning. everyone is really confused about this bed. so to clarify, it's the top bunk to a bunk bed. so it's twin sized but it has the rails and there is a space at the foot of the bed where the ladder would be where he can get in and out on his own. which is really perfect!

we felt like this was the best option since we'll need another twin bed in a few years anyway. so the other bunk lives in the basement for now.

and and and.. it was my birthday last weekend! i turned 26. which is great because i spent the whole last year thinking i was 26, so it's nice for that to actually be true. ha!

we celebrated by going to olive garden where grant was not so pleasant the entire time and made it not enjoyable for everyone, or at least bryant and me. isaac henry doesn't mind bad behavior. 

then we went to pick up cake from chef's market. they have the best cake. i just ran in to get it and then we were gonna take it home. isaac henry came in with me and he was laying the charm on the cashier. so i got a piece for me and a piece for bryant and the pieces are huge. so i figured we'd just share with the boys. but the cashier was all, "is one of these for him (IH)?" and i was like "no, he'll just share with us." and she was all, "well, if he wants to pick out a piece, he can have it for free." and she cuts him a big ole slice of chocolate cake..

which grant loved. and of course my cute child would sucker someone into giving him a piece of sympathy cake. only him! we must teach him to use his power for good and not evil. like free cake.. that's good.

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