Monday, May 25, 2015

number 3: 37 weeks.

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we made it to full term!

and y'all. i'm pretty tough. i typically live in the camp of "i'm pregnant, not dead." but... i think i may be dead.

we've been busting it to get some stuff done around here and after this last week of doing all the things, i'm ready to have this babe.

physically, i'm ready! plus the house is clean-ish, the diaper bag is packed, grant is moved to the big bed and the nursery is sitting empty, abe's quilt is finished, his room is ready for him. i am ready.

so three more weeks.. blah.

feeling: lots of contractions. LOTS. fire crotch action. i think this is round ligament pain or something?? heart burn city. out of breath. no sleep. dread going up and down stairs every. single. time. generally uncomfortable. being in this condition makes me want to never be fat. curvy? absolutely. skinny? probably never. fat, like actually obese? never ever ever.

y'all. it makes me want to exercise. 

and you know, i don't do that. so that tells you how desperate i am to be back to a normal comfy size.

doctor-y info: so i went to the doc at 35 weeks.. and he was like, "ok. we're gonna go ahead and check you and do strep b test." and i was like *wide eyed emoji* because i thought that happened at 36 weeks, so i wasn't prepared, ifyouknowwhati'msayin'. so he leaves the room and i panic text my friend tara and then i search high and low to no avail for a baby wipe and then i give up and sit on the table and resign to the fact that this man has seen me poop [delivery of isaac henry] and has had my amniotic fluid on him [delivery of grant], and he makes good enough money to deal with a 2:00 unprepared lindsey jo. all that to say, i was 2 centimeters dilated. which makes me like, what?!?! because is it time to be dilating already?! hence the last two weeks of quick! do all the things! abe is coming!!! also, strep b negative.

cravings: ice ice baby. i just wanna crunch ice. all the live long day. which is good, because i am notoriously a bad water drinker, so this ice craving is upping my water intake by gallons i'm sure!

and that's about it. if ya need me, i'll just be over here being huge.

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