Monday, May 11, 2015

number 3: 35 weeks.

i. am. so. preg. nant.

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feeling: large. and uncomfortable. still no swelling.. praise be! but i'm feeling pregnant. real pregnant. abe is taking up my entire body. i feel him under my top rib and trying to escape through the birth canal simultaneously. which leads me to my next assumption.. i think i dislocated a rib. and you don't realize how much work your ribs do until your rib is killing you with pain. so that's really fun. still peeing on myself and sleeping hot and bothered and lightening crotch city. so many fun things.

food: i don't really have any strong cravings except that i am really wanting to crunch ice lately. i'm not a big ice cruncher on the regular so this is new. 

thinking: that abe is not gonna stay in there 5 more weeks. i know, i know. everybody gets this way near the end. like, there's no way! i'm gonna go into labor any day!! and then they're like 12 days overdue and being induced. but i will be genuinely surprised if we last until june 15. i'm just having a lot of contractions already and feeling like he will come out a little early. probably like 30 minutes early at least..

in other news: we're getting some stuff done around here! lots of little house projects are getting knocked out and abe's clothes are all washed and organized. and i think we're back to planning on moving grant man to a big bed so abe will have a crib! maybe this weekend.. yikes. and i start going to the doctor every week now! gonna have this babe. sooner rather than later.

i'm getting excited! and mildly nervous. just one more month to go! that's insane!! pretty much every day i'm like, "BRYANT. WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY. IN. A. MONTH." and he's all, "yeah." and i'm like, "YEAH." so at least one of us is calm and collected.  

come on abram! your family is nuts and we can't wait to throw you in the mix! 

35 weeks with grant man. 35 weeks with isaac henry.

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