Tuesday, April 14, 2015

number 3: 31 weeks.

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shoulda cupped the belly. it looks weird.

feeling like: poo. but not because of the pregnancy. the allergies are killing me! killing me i say! last thursday i woke up with no voice. none. parenting was especially fun that day. and since then i've been coughing up my lungs and blowing gross mucus out of my face all the live long day. pollen, be gone! which leads me to my pregnancy symptom that is accompanying my allergy symptoms. peeing. on. myself. these bladder muscles aren't what they used to be. and with abe pushing down and squishing everything and whatever- when i cough to hard or blow my nose... yep. pee in muh pants. so that's really really fun. other than that, pregnancy-wise i'm feeling pretty good. large.

doctor-y stuff: went back to the doc friday. he said everything was measuring perfectly. my weight was up and i was all, "sounds about right."  i told him that i felt like abe was really low [because i'm starting to feel some lovely crotch pain and like he's head butting his way out..] and the doc said, well, he is really low. and every baby that you have after him will feel lower and lower. wowsas.

food: blah. my appetite has left the building. seriously, nothing sounds good!

sleeping: not good. i'm soooo tired. i try to sneak in a little nap and another cup of coffee every day that i can.

looking forward: we're going on vacation in a couple weeks and i'm going on a little road trip this weekend, so i'm anxious to see how this big momma is gonna travel. hopefully well.

rethinking: moving grant into a big boy bed.. which is delaying the completion of abe's room/clothes organization/etc. ay yay yay.. i don't know what to do. i just don't wanna buy another dang crib..

stranger comments: today at kroger a lady was like, "you have the most beautiful boys! blah blah blah.. and i'd love to see that little girl you're fixing to have?? right??" and i was like "nope! another boy!" and isaac was screaming "it's abram!!!!!!"  and she was like "oh honey, you're gonna have a dozen babies and they'll all be boys!" "ha. ha." interesting logic.. 3 boys = 12 boys??? i'm so confused. but sounds like we're gonna need a bigger van. 

 9 weeks to go until we're a family of 14! this is happening.

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