Wednesday, April 1, 2015

number 3: 29 weeks.

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whoo hoo! 29 weeks! that means 30 weeks is next week and there's just something about that number.. THIRTY. ten weeks left! crazy!

doctor-y stuff: we went to the doctor last week and got an ultrasound. don't you worry, abe gave us no good cutesy pictures to share.. just a bunch of his creepy skeleton head and a clear shot proving he's still very much a boy. the ultrasound tech said he's head down (which could change but probably won't.) and way down low, ready to go. and ya know how i've felt smaller this time, like abe can't possibly be as huge as grant was (9 lb. 4 oz.)?? welllll... he's already 3 lbs. and measuring a little over a week ahead. so, he's big. and i mean, i know i have large babies. but if he's gonna be 11 lbs. or something, he can just come on out a week early. because dang. everything else at the doctor looked great. everything i'm experiencing is normal..

what i'm experiencing: lots of braxton hicks, mostly when i'm being more active than the sloth that my body desires to be. shortness of breath. car sickness. not sleeping well/having a hard time going to sleep/crazy dreams. and general large-ness.

food: same ole same ole. sweets!

weight: i honestly do not know. because i honestly do not care. i mean, i don't want to be unhealthy. but i also want a milkshake, sooo..

baby buys: we bought the last few things we needed because target was having a good sale on baby gear and we needed to pick up a few boring things like an extra baby monitor and a sound machine. i also decided on abe's quilt and bought the fabric for it.. and it is still just sitting in a pile because the thought of cutting eighty 5 inch squares makes me say, "ugghhhh." 

hey! we're having a baby in 2 months!

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