Thursday, April 23, 2015

life lately.

blah blah blah. i don't blog. you can find me over at the instagram at lindseyjocoker. it's my mini-blog. but i know that y'all are still out there and i don't wanna leave this space! it's not time. i still want to have a voice here. it's just sooo hard to upload pictures and sit down and type it out. first world probs at their finest.

so we're going on vacation next week and i just wanted to do a little tiny update [or novel of a blog] before we go because when we get back i'm gonna light this blog up with vacay pics like a fire cracker. and when there are vacay pictures to be shared, no one cares about a picture of you covered in cotton balls..

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also, i know i'm crazy being 33 weeks pregnant (what the what?!) and heading to the beach. but i'd rather be a whale at the beach than to take a newborn. and i am going to the beach this year. so there.

anyway. cotton balls. i had mentioned [i think..] that our church did spring break vbs a few weeks ago. and it was crazy and tiring and so much fun. bryant and i did skits because you know we love to make fools of ourselves.

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i absolutely love that we both love to be goofy. how boring would it be if i was fun and bryant was a snore? way to be fun, babe! and hott.. good grief. he's a good lookin' explorer!  

and i taught kindergarten. isaac henry and grant were in child care because we only offer vbs for k-5 but isaac henry got to sneak into crafts and rec everyday. and he absolutely loved it.

he wrote his name all by himself on that craft. his s's could use some work. but he's gotten even better since then. i'm pretty impressed with him. i may be biased though. he is the fruit of my loins after all.

he thought he was sooo big. he even learned my kindergarteners' little chant and thought that was the coolest. we're definitely sending him to mom and dad's church's vbs this year. they offer it for his age and he's gonna think it's the greatest!

in other exciting news, we've been springing into spring. and hacking my lungs out every step of the way. allergies are killing me this year. but we've still been enjoying this season.

lots of zoo trips. which may be winding down for a while because holy guacamole braxton hicks/lightening crotch on the hill to the elephants.

lots and lots of outside play.

i mean. come on. have you ever seen cuter boys?!

lots of popsicles [or as grant likes to call them, ickle ickles.] already! which you know i love to document. because cute.

the boys are just becoming the sweetest of buddies. they are really starting to play together and enjoy one another and be able to communicate with each other some and it's the best. they also hate each other's guts a lot of the time and i have to pry handfuls of isaac's flesh from grant's fat little fist on the daily while simultaneously loud-talking at isaac for him to justpleasesharewithyourbrotherbeforeiloseitandthrowallthetoysinthegarbage. so that's fun. brothers.

this last weekend i managed to road trip it to birmingham with my gal emily to find out our other gal anna is having a boy baby! we're gonna be uncles!

i know it looks like she had a big hamburger and maybe a large fry while i look like i am going to eat her alive. but i promise there is a child in her womb. and i'm just thrilled that she gets to be a boy mom. i hear they're the coolest.

and the very next day i went to my friend sara's baby shower. sara happens to be my rachel's sister so i got to see her too. what a treat! 

always love time with my favorite friends. they're my heart.

and that's about it. we're just doing this thing. and it's so good.

whoo that was long. but it might have to hold you over for a while since i've been a champion blogger lately and all. i guess this is where i promise to do better.. but nope. not gonna.

sand between my toes [and all up in my humongous mom suit], here i come!

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  1. I'm with ya - I don't have babies of course but I find myself not takin the time to blog since Instagram stole my heart lol


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