Wednesday, April 8, 2015

isaac says.

some of isaac's art..

this is a picture of me with abe in my belly. and "girl hair".

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a picture he drew for his friend olyvia for her birthday. it's them holding hands. he's obviously the orange one and she's the pink (because she's a girl.)..

singing the transformers theme: robots in disguise... scrapers. (translation: da sky scrapers)

after a week of being sick but was finally fully recovered, isaac henry was eating dinner. we make him try everything. he ate a green bean and exclaimed: i think this is making me go back to sick!

bryant talking to me: i feel like sax deli is kinda a hipster place.
isaac singing: hamster hamster hamster.

bryant: hot dogs have been giving me heartburn.
ih: why do hotdogs give daddy heartburn?
me: because he's old.
ih: no him's not! he doesn't have whiskers!
bryant: yes i do! (points to his goatee)
ih: nooooo. like papa. papa has whiskers in his ears too!

isaac henry yelling from the bathroom: MOMMA!!!!
me: yes isaac?
ih: momma, i love you. BUT. i need you to come wipe me..

after those ice days we had a while back..
me: isaac henry. call queen elsa and tell her to stop making it snow!
ih: momma. her didn't make it snow. god did. you have to ask him.
ih [praying]: god, please stop making it snow.
ih [to me]: .. he said no.

ih: momma, your booty is getting big.
me: what did you just say??
ih: well, your booty is just gettin' bigger.. probably because of abe.

ih comes downstairs carrying two 3 lb. weights.. "momma? wanna make some big muscles??"

me and bryant talking about what the next few weekends had in store..
me: ..then we have brent's wedding.
ih, interrupting: GRANT'S WEDDING?!?!
me, sarcastically: yeah isaac. grant's getting married.

ih: do you know how to drive an airplane?
me: nope. but granddad does. he used to be a pilot. now he's retired. that means he got old and quit his job and now he just goes out on the boat and fishes a lot.
ih: WAIT. granddad is a pirate?!?!

something i'm very passionate about is the boys knowing how to cook so i have isaac henry help me prepare some part of almost every meal. so far, he seems to really love to cook. so one day we were cooking and..
me: isaac henry, you're such a good cook. do you think one day you'll cook for your wife?
ih: ummm.. how about.. she cook for me?
me, defeated: ...

after helping him in the bathroom one day..
ih: i can't wipe myself because i'm not a grown up.
me: you don't have to be a grown up to wipe yourself. do you want me to teach you?
ih: ok! and then i'll teach grant!

ih: we need to go to the store today. 
me: what do we need at the store?
ih: pickles. potatoes. oranges. apples. bananas. and a cookie... and a birthday cake.

talking about Jesus washing his disciples' feet with ih during family devotion..
ih: daddy! you washed my feet today.
bryant: yeah, i did. that's a way i served you.
ih: ..and you washed my butt!
bryant: ...

isaac henry retelling me a convo he had with some of his buddies: they said santa claus was real and he rode reindeers and gived presents. but i told them santa claus is dead. right momma?

i want to apologize in advance for my child's brutal honesty and the dreams he is likely to kill at christmas time. at least your child's dead dreams will have some company.. dead santa.


  1. I'm impressed that you have IH cook with you so often! It requires great reserves of patience from me :)

  2. dying at the last two. that child is hilarious. i wonder who he gets it from?????

  3. These posts are pretty much my fave. That kid! He's a keeper


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