Monday, April 13, 2015


our easter was super low key this year. we didn't do any big easter egg hunts or anything. and our church had spring break vbs all week during easter week. and it was from 1-4 every day soo.. nap time. needless to say we were all exhausted by the end of the week. [it was so worth it and so fun! just very exhausting. for everyone! no naps all week. crazy!]

we had good friday service at church on.. get this, good friday. and it was so so good.

and because of the week of no naps i was not willing to sacrifice any more by the weekend! so i asked mom and dad if we could spend time with them saturday evening instead of on sunday. and of course they obliged because they love us so. 

but first, we let the boys do a small little hunt in our yard for some goodies from us. i got them a few new books each, a movie, some bubbles, and some water guns i picked up on clearance last summer. and we filled 12 eggs for each of them. half m&ms, half peeps. aaaand they both hate peeps. lesson learned.

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grant thought every egg was a ball and would pick one up, yell "ball!" and throw it. he was not very successful in collecting his eggs.

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isaac loved every minute of it. and once he had collected all his stuff, he was all, "can we do it again?!"

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i think we're gonna host a big hunt for all our friends next year. i bought a bunch of eggs on clearance this week, it's in the works folks!

so saturday evening we went over to mom and dad's and grilled burger which is right up my alley as of late. and they had a little hunt for the boys too. they got candy and new soccer balls and soccer goal from papa and ne.. they aren't spoiled at all. 

of course we went to church on sunday morning in our happy clothes. i had taken the boys into crazy 8 a few weeks ago to get them new button ups and as soon as we walked in isaac henry said, "i want the orange." of course. and done.

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look, it's the cutest boys in all the land..

they were surprisingly cooperative for my little photo shoot after church. easter miracle!

and then aunt em came over sunday afternoon for a little visit. i had told a friend at church that emily was coming over and she was a little confused that i had a friend and a sister named emily. ha! same person. she's just the sister god let me choose.

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and she's a good one.

don't fret. sunday night i made easter ham.. sandwiches. he is risen indeed!

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  1. You fared much better with Easter pictures than I did, ha ha! Such cuties in their orange button-ups :)


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