Tuesday, March 17, 2015

number 3: 27 weeks.

well, i'm pregnant.

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abe, we love you. we really do. please don't hold a grudge against me for not blogging about your in utero state as often as i blogged about your big bros.

symptoms: some things have changed over the last 3 weeks! this just in, i feel pregnant. i'm often out of breath and mildly uncomfortable. can't sleep worth a dime. braxton hicks contractions like whoa, which i never had with isaac henry or grant, so that's real fun. it's basically just cramps to the max. yesterday we were at the zoo and we were walking up hills and i felt like my stomach might explode. and holy car sickness! i've always been prone to car sickness, even as a kid. but it's ramped right on up with the ole pregnancy. like, every time i ride in a car i feel like i'm gonna pass out/barf. which makes me a tad nervous for some longer road trips we've got on the calendar next month.. momma might be takin' the wheel.

movement: yes. yes. yes. so much!! isaac henry has even felt him kick a few times and the first time he did, ih was amazed and was all, "MOMMA. IS HE ALIVE?!?!" ha. yep, definitely alive. abe really favors the right side of my bod so i feel him under those ribs a lot!

food: blessed food. still loving tangy and hamburgery things but some stuff that really stands out as of late is chocolate ice cream, sweets in general and cereal.

doctory things: we go next week for my last monthly appointment before we switch to every two weeks. that feels monumental. and we get to have an ultrasound! so so excited to see abe again!  i love technology.

thinking about: how abe is viable now! i know it's been a few weeks since we crossed that line, but it's always so cool to think about. if abe was born today [which we obvs. don't want, but IF] he would most likely survive! how cool?!

baby buys: i hit a big consignment sale over the weekend and rounded out abe's summer wardrobe. we still need to pick up a few things like another baby monitor camera and some nursery decor. we sold our old rocker and bought a new glider and ottoman, that finally arrived after two weeks of drama [i'll spare you the details but it was insane and made me wanna cuss] so bryant put that together last night. things are moving right along.


  1. I can't believe that you'll be going to the doctor every two weeks soon! Ahh I just can't wait to love on sweet, little Abe!

  2. I always got so amazed about the viability part too! Technology is amazing!


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