Monday, March 2, 2015

grant's shenanigans from 11:30 to 12:30 today..

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retrieved 3 lettuce leaves from fridge and ripped into tiny shreds all over the floor.

unrolled a half a roll of charmin.

climbed onto counter and attempted to take a bite out of an avocado.

emptied 12-14 items from the kitchen trash.

found 3 jigsaw puzzles and dumped them on the floor.

threw half of his lunch across the room/onto the floor during lunch time.

fell and mysteriously busted his lip complete with a mouthful of blood and hysterics.

moved kitchen stool over to the sink and proceeded to eat a few bites of this morning's pancakes that were in the sink full of dirty dishes with a fork also found in the sink full of dirty dishes. 

lord knows i love all of my children equally but today, isaac henry is my favorite.

dear jesus, let nap time last at least 2 hours today. amen.

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