Saturday, February 21, 2015

valentine's party!

about a week and a half before valentine's day i was in the shower or something and thought, "we should have a valentine's party!" you know i love a party and isaac henry LOVES having his buddies over so i went for it.

how cute are my little valentine's?!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

i kinda feel like i have the cutest boys in all the land. i guess all parents think that they have the cutest boys.. and well, they're wrong.

so anyhow, for the party..

we invited a handful of our friends over midweek for lunch and play time.

i wrote on my chalkboards or i'm not lindsey jo coker..

made some yummmmmy food. including the cheesecake. lord have mercy.

not pictured: mac and cheese.

strung up some hearts from the ceiling..

and my very favorite part.. which is kinda lame.. but we had a kids' table! i borrowed it from my momma and daddy's church, but after having it at this party, we are soo investing in one! it was so great for the kids to have a place to sit and eat and we decorated sugar cookies and it was perfect for that too!

all the boys.. and mclaine.

ha! sister stands alone!

like i said, the kiddos decorated sugar cookies and that was a big hit. lots of sprinkles were shoveled into mouths.

as to be expected, there were sprinkles EVERY.WHERE. once they were done.

isaac henry's buddy ellis gave out valentine's that had these cute mustache tats so isaac henry and reese had to put them on immediately..


the party was so fun. i'm thinking that it may have to become a tradition! hearts and love all around!

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and because i don't wanna write a whole other blog but i do wanna share a picture of sleepy eyed doughnut baby.. 

that's how we celebrated actual valentine's day with the boys. and there were no complaints. those boys are boys after their momma's heart.. sweet. teeth.

bryant took me on a hot date to the brazilian steakhouse were we ate our body weight in various meats and all i could think about was the scene from bridesmaids where maya rudolph poops in the street... this isn't happening. hahahaha.

hope your valentine's day was just as romantical!

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