Tuesday, February 24, 2015

number 3: 24 weeks.

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moving right along!

symptoms: still feeling good good good. and getting bigger by the second.

movement: we saw him move for the first time! he's still movin' and shakin' and i love it!

food: still with the junk. and cheeseburgers. and onion rings. and sour-y fruity stuff.

doc stuff: i go friday for my glucose test. is it really sad that i'm excited about sitting alone for an hour? i might get a library book. ha!

thinking about: how crazy it's gonna be to have 3 babies! in.sane. but good. right?? it'll be good. isaac henry is really excited and is always talking about abe and how he loves him and he's excited for grant to move across the hall and be his "neighbor" he keeps saying "hey neighbor!" to grant. it cracks me up. grant is still such a baby and he'll be almost 19 months old when abe comes out and i'm just a little nervous. but people do it all the time, right?!?!

getting ready: my chore for tomorrow is to go through the baby clothes and see what, if anything, is gonna work for abe. so i can get ready to hit up some consignment sales. we ordered grant's big boy bed and wheels have started turning to get their rooms situated, even though we aren't moving grant over until may.

we're ready for ya abe! well... not really ready. but mentally ready. i think.

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