Tuesday, February 10, 2015

number 3: 22 weeks.

i don't know about you, but i'm feelin' 22..

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with the phantom belly again. sorry. i will cross my heart promise to not wear my black shirt again on a monday.. maybe.

symptoms: nothing really? i feel really good. and my acne is finally clearing up a litle bit. hallelu.

my lovely lady lump: i feel.. smaller? i mean, it's definitely there as far as "she's pregnant." but i just don't feel as huge as i have in the past. knock on wood. maybe abe won't be 12 lbs.

movement: yes!! i feel him often and bryant has even felt him a few times. and.. he's a hiccuper! isaac henry was a hiccuper and grant very very rarely had hiccups [if ever?] and i think it's precious. i know it's annoying for them once they're out and about but while they're inside it's just sweet to me.

food: same ole. junk junk junk.

thinking about: nursery stuff/decor. grant's big boy room. making lists of what we need for abe. browsing spring clothes as they hit the shelves. so so excited to have a summer babe! 

just for fun:
grant at 22 weeks. isaac henry at 22 weeks.

ok, after looking back at the previous pregnancies, i'm definitely bigger than i was with the other boys! hahaha.. i guess you're only as fat as you feel! and apparently i don't feel fat this time?? bring on more doughnuts!

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