Monday, February 9, 2015

let's chat.

well, last week was pretty blah. and moderately stressful in the most ordinary ways. isaac henry caught an ugly cold. and oh my lord, the whining. by friday my compassion was running low. when bryant got home, i swiftly hopped in the van and took myself to sonic for a coke float and a stroll around the old target.

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combine the sickness with some intense gettin' stuff done, i feel a little like i need a nap.

but i can't because of the gettin' stuff done! that's right folks, i've been making lists and gettin' stuff done. i may even have a little house tour continuation later this week for ya because things are coming along so nicely. maybe i'm nesting??  because i cannot seem to turn off. it's like a whirlwind during naptime over here.

speaking of which, i adopted a new cleaning system for my floors. we got a little handheld dirt devil vacuum with a handle attachment and isaac henry LOVES it. he just goes to town with that thing. and then i got me a steam mop, the shark. our whole downstairs is hardwood and grant is a food thrower, much to our hand-slapping techniques. but this system seems to be working! and i can keep my big momma vacuum upstairs for the carpet.

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it's like a toy vacuum, but better! because it actually works!!

now let's completely switch gears to more adult talk.. have y'all been watching shows? of course we have because we are lovers of the tv. quick recap of my thoughts..

parenthood: best ending. best show. love love love.
nashville: what?! DEACON!!!!
downton: meh, ok.
justified: guilty pleasure. can't get enough of that raylan givens.
parks and rec: hilar. i'm pretty sure we could rewatch this whole series and crack up all over again.
rescue bots: .. what? you don't watch rescue bots?? hahahaha.

we watch more than that, but i don't really have strong feelings about any of the other shows. yikes, we watch a lot of tv.

we did our budget the other day and y'all. our food budget is out. of. control. groceries are insane. fast food is insane. it's all insane. so we're trying to get it under control and be more disciplined. but saturday we were out and about and of course it was lunch time and a pie five just opened so we caved. and we went through and it was fun and bryant went to pay and they were all like, it's free today because it's our soft opening. and we were like what the what?? how awesome!! we had no idea. and we just got some delicious free lunch! it's like getting rewarded for not being disciplined! ha! or maybe just an unexpected blessing. it's probably that one.

one last thing.. last night we finally were gonna make a list of things we need for abe. our big thing was a nice double stroller, which we found a brand new one for $99 and grabbed that sucker up. other than that, we needed a list.. because i'm loving the list these days. and all i could think of was pacis?? hahaha. i mean, we need some clothes.. but as far as stuff.. pacis. maybe that really is all we need. i just want to be more prepared this time, unlike last time when we brought grant home from the hospital at like 8PM and went to set up the pack n play only to find we were missing pieces and bryant had to rig it with a curtain rod. yeah... so what am i forgetting? you'd think i'd be an old pro by now..

ok. boys are awake. naptime whirlwind over.

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