Friday, February 20, 2015

iced in.

we've been iced in all week. there was a big ole ice storm and a little bit of snow that came through our neck of the woods and we've been trapped all week! we did venture to the kroger this morning because we were almost out of coffee and fruit. and there's more ice coming today and tomorrow so we must be prepared!

i've taken this week as an opportunity to be laaazzyyyy.. you know all that talk about gettin' stuff done? pshhh. we've been living in jams. my floors are a wreck because we've baked something almost every day and we've painted and i've been half-heartedly sweeping after meals so it's kinda crumby up in here. but, it's been a different kind of week so yolo baybay.

we've done the pillow pit a few times. i'm no good at fort building so this is the best alternative and they LOVE it. they'll play for an hour at least just jumping in the pit over and over.

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we made snow cream. nothing like ingesting a little pollution..

bryant had never had snow cream.. his childhood was lacking. but he tried it and said "it tastes like the warm bodies in texas." haha.. it really doesn't. it tastes like sugary vanilla snow.

we've done lots of crayon time. grant is really loving crayon time lately and isaac henry is starting to draw actual stuff so it's sooo fun!

we've done lots of let's drag out all the toys in here.. now let's go drag out all the toys in here.

some painting. followed by mid morning bubble baths.

bryant was stuck at home this week too. he worked from the couch in his jams. but he took a break one day so we could let the boys play outside.

isaac loved it.

grant hated it. he wouldn't even let us sit him down.

of course we've watched lots of shows and drank lots of coffee/hot chocolate too. and isaac henry learned how to spell isaac this week. so that's exciting.

this morning when i told isaac henry that we had to go to the store, he said "we're never leaving our house again." so there you have it.. i guess i'll see y'all in may?

hunkered down and longing for summer,

lindsey jo

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