Wednesday, February 11, 2015

brown chicken brown cow: a tour of the master.

back to the house tour! did you ever think it was gonna happen?! did you think that our house actually just consists of living areas and a kitchen?! well, wrong-o! here's where the master of the house and i sleep and shower and ya know..

so our room is kinda small. and our furniture is kinda big. but it all fits so nicely..

our ceiling/wall is open into the bathroom. which is really cool and unique. and our ceiling in the bedroom is pointy.. what's the architectural term? i don't know.. pointy.

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looking back out from over by the bathroom..

and now the best part..

you're like, ok? but i think you need to see a before picture to really appreciate my beautiful new sink and my framed out mirror and my not pink bathroom..

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that's from the previous owner. so the bathroom was pink. and the counter wasn't a sink.. it was a counter. and that is just too much to ask for me to share a sink. #firstworldprobs.

but it was all fixable so no worries, right?? well, we went to lowe's to find out how much a new double sink would cost and JUST THE SINK was over $700. seven. hundred. dollars.

so. nope.

but then craig and his list came to the rescue and we found a double sink that was the exact right size [miracle!] for TWENTY FIVE bucks. are you kitten me right now??

so the whole project, plumbing, sink, faucets, framing of the mirror, everything cost like $300. maybe $350.  

admire once more..

and then of course there are the other bathroom essentials. big tub. bigggg shower [!!!] and a toilet room..

also, that door right there on the left is our closet..

and maybe you didn't even notice because you're still thinking about my awesome sink but there is still pink tile that borders the tub and the shower.. why???!?!?! why would you do that??

but there is a fix. it'll just have to wait until i'm not gestating because apparently it comes with many a fume that can be harmful to abe. so we'll just live with a touch of pink for a while.

that concludes the downstairs show and tell. next up, upstairs!

living room.
kitchen and dining.
other living room.

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