Tuesday, January 27, 2015

number 3: 20 weeks.

whoa-oh, we're half way there! this pregnancy is not flying by like i had suspected it would. maybe it'll pick up in the second half. and in honor of half way, reindeer pants make their return!

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symptoms: feeling really good still. some stretch-y cramps in the groin when i stand up too fast (hasn't it all been stretched by now?! do we have to go through this again?!). out of breath. still some gross break outs but i'm feeling like they're on the down slope.

food/cravings: i meant to mention this last week but i still want it.. dole whip. or i'd settle for some good pineapple sherbert. do they not make that?? bryant brought some home but it was super gross. so i guess i just need to go to hawaii or disney.. also coke floats. cheeseburgers. cookies. really healthy stuff, obvs.

doctor-y info: my weight was the same at my appointment last week so my doctor gave me a (figurative) pat on the back. ultrasound looked really good for what they could do. we have a stubborn boy in there and he wouldn't show everything so we've got to go back for another scan. next time is glucose test. moving right along.

gender: BOY! abram bryant coker. but you can call him abe.

movement: abe = lazy bones. i feel him occasionally but it's not like a jolt, more like little kicks and rolls. and never consistent.

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