Tuesday, January 20, 2015

number 3: 19 weeks.

well, i didn't do an 18 week update because i'm pretty much a failure. one day, i'll just have to explain to number 3 that i really do love them but their brothers are/were driving me nuts and there was just no time to document the pregnancy chronicles.

and then we took this picture last night and bryant was like, i don't think the black shirt is helping.. but ya know it's one of the five shirts i can wear and it is what it is. if you squint you can see that there's a belly there.

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now onto the important things..

symptoms: still feeling really great. my only complaint is the major major major breakouts. my face is insane. i usually wear the bare minimum of makeup but i've been having to wear concealer and foundation.. i do realize that "have to" is strong language, but it really is out of control. also, in grant's pregnancy my hair turned curly. strange, but true. and i'm starting to notice a little wave to my hair again.

eating: i'm trying to behave. but i'm sneaking into a habit of an afternoon cup of coffee.. if this baby is a little jittery upon their arrival, don't say i didn't warn ya.

cravings: chocolate milk, coffee, fruity gummy candy, bananas. 

vitamins/public service announcement: i've been taking the spring valley gummy vitamins and they're fine. but y'all. i switched to the vitafusion ones last week and be still my heart. i wanna eat the whole bottle right now. they are so good. do you want me to talk more about my vitamin intake??

movement: nothing consistent, but definitely feeling some baby in there.

EXCITING NEWS: we go tomorrow to see baby and hopefully see if baby is a brother or a sister! i'm rooting for a sister, but trying not to get my hopes up because i don't wanna be disappointed if there's a weiner.. i mean, as disappointed as you can be about the miracle of life.

when i know, you'll know!

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  1. The suspense!!! I'm crossing my fingers for a girl, but I know you guys will be excited either way :)


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