Friday, January 23, 2015

it's another brother! and are we gonna try for a girl?

so we go to the ultrasound. and i've thought it was a girl all along, bryant has majorly thought it was a girl and pretty much everyone was saying, "it's a girl!"

so the tech puts the wand on my belly and the first thing i see is the butt shot and i'm prettttyyy sure i saw something else aka a penis. this ain't my first rodeo. but i just waited. she asked what our predictions were and i said "we have two boys.. do we make all boys?" and she said, "looks like you make all boys."

there you have it.. abram bryant coker will be here in june. you can call him abe.

our third boy.

and all that fear about being disappointed. all that wanting a girl. get this.. i'm not disappointed!

at all. 

it feels so right. of course i have three boys.

and then we posted this picture..

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and as notifications started coming in and i kept seeing those two cute boys, how could i want anything different?! they are seriously the cutest little people i've ever seen and so much fun and just sweet. and i just can't wait to have abe here. the three of them are gonna be so close! and so hilarious. and i'm probably gonna be ready to pull my hair out. but it's gonna be so fun! 3 boys within 3 and a half years. this is insane!

and i'm probably gonna need a job to pay the grocery bill because can we just talk about when they are 13, 14, and 16?? yeah.

and can we talk about what an enormous gift and responsibility we've been given?? in a world where men are not the men they should be. dead beat dads and crappy husbands. men who aren't loving Jesus and leading their families. bryant and i get to raise THREE MEN. oh, it is my prayer that these three little boys will grow into men that love Jesus. and love the church. and love their wives and babies. men that people are drawn to because they are good friends. men that work hard, and serve others, and tell the truth, and live with integrity, and make people laugh. the more i think about it, the more excited i get. and terrified. but really really excited.

emily texted me and said "i think the coker bros will be the best thing ever!!" have you met my boys? they are so great. i think they really stand a chance at being the best thing ever. i hope.  

but still. people want to know.. will we have a fourth? will we try for a girl?

and here's your momma bear answer.. can we just celebrate our abe for a second? he is so wanted. he's so loved. would i love a daughter? absolutely. probably as much as i love my sons because my heart is so full of love for my boys. and really, is it even possible to "try for a girl"?? what does that even mean?? last night we were talking about it and bryant was like, "we're talking about this like we even have a choice? god's probably laughing and saying- i'm giving you 6... boys!"

and here's your semi-gracious answer.. will our family feel complete with three kids? i don't know. it didn't feel complete with just two. it might feel complete at 3. or 4. or 5. i just don't know. but taking into consideration the fact that we don't like birth control and i'm just 25, coupled with me being team "you're never gonna regret having another kid" i'd say the likelihood of you seeing a 4th coker babe is fairly high. but here's your warning.. it might be a boy.

let's end on a cute note.. isaac henry keeps saying, "i have two brothers! grant and abe! and i love abe soooo much!! everyone loves abe!!"

yep. we do.

ps: abe was super stubborn and didn't show the ultrasound tech everything he needed to and he gave us no good ultrasound pics.. like one of his wiener and one of creepy skeleton face. so we'll go back in a few weeks and hopefully get something better.


  1. Oh my goodness... IH is so precious!! Of course he loves Abe and EVERYONE does!!!

    Can't wait for those Coker bros to take over H'ville! It's going to be E.P.I.C.!!!

    And yes... you are right, raising men is the scariest and greatest responsibility but oh so fun!! Even though we didn't "raise" Eric, we are trying to raise him into a man of God. That's huge. I think our boys have great role models to look at to see what it looks like to be humble, a good husband, a good dad, a devoted Christian, a man who says "sorry," and a man who doesn't back down from what's right. So excited to walk alongside you in this!

    Maybe... just maybe... we'll have a girl and then it can be Bella Joy Coker one day!!! Oh glorious day! haha... dream big.

  2. I think it's cute & sweet how you said it didn't seem complete with two.. Awww


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