Wednesday, January 28, 2015

isaac says.

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i'm in the other room but i hear isaac henry washing his hands forever after he's gone potty. 
me: what are you doing??
ih: my dropped the toilet paper in the toilet. but no worry! i washed it and it'll dry..
me: ...

i was trying to prep isaac henry for going to christmas eve service.
me: you're going to be in big church with us tonight.
ih [shocked]: AM I A GROWN UP?!

ih after drawing on the chalkboard: i've got to erase this before i'm losing my mind!!!

at my extended family's christmas, isaac henry was talking to my cousin that has a few facial piercings..
ih: why do you have earrings all in your face?!?!

i was reading are you a cow? to grant. isaac was playing by himself in the same room.
me, reading: are you a cow? no. are you a duck? no. 
ih [under his breath]: i'm a superhero.

i'm helping isaac henry get dressed one morning. he's down to his unders.
ih looks down at himself and exclaims: NAKEY BOY!? is that you???

everytime we talk about adam and eve isaac refers to them as apple and eve. and refers to satan as snake-an.

my friend rachel has beautiful wild curls. anyway, i showered while the boys were napping one day and had just scrunched my hair. isaac woke up, came downstairs and looked at me, kinda confused.
then says, "you're like... rachel."

isaac shows us a dance move.
bryant: what's it called? dance moves have to have names.
ih: huh?
bryant: i think it should be called the jackhammer.
me: i think it should be called the french fry.
ih: it's called the "everybody chill down."

grant: jabbering.
isaac [puts hand over grant's mouth]: stop your mouth.

during bible time..
ih: who's caesar?
me: the king of rome.
ih: what's him do?
me: he's the king. he makes the rules. he's in charge.
ih: ..what's about his salad?


  1. This child I love him :)

  2. Ok so your Isaac says posts might be my fave. Don't let him grow up! Please and thank you :-)


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