Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015. so fresh and so clean clean.

don't you love a fresh slate? i know it do. one week down, 53 to go. let's do this 2015!

this year we let isaac henry stay up until midnight.
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i was kinda convinced that the child would never sleep if we didn't force him to. but he was feeling it around 11:40. he did so good until then. we watched a movie and he'd been playing and snacking. but at about 11:40 he crawled up in my lap and was about to pass out. i asked him if he was ready to go to bed and he said "no, but i may just take a wittle nap." then he kept looking at the clock [like he can tell time] and saying, "what time is it, momma? how much longer?"

he made it to midnight, by the skin of his teeth.

we rang in the new year with some of our favorite friends, cayte and jacky and their precious girls, olyvia and caylee lou.

i made a few apps and bought a cheesecake and we just sat around and talked until the ball dropped.

i was soo tired. i'm getting too old for this mess.

we all toasted with some sparkly juice because we're really wild. and we let isaac have some too in a mini stemmed glass. he thought he was so fancy! then he took one sip and the carbonation hit him and he hollered, "WHOO!" ha!

and isaac henry snuck a little smooch from olyvia for the new years. it looks a little aggressive from this angle, but it was just a cheek kiss. because he's a gentleman. i can't get over the dad faces!

they really are such sweet buddies. i hope they can be friends forever.

as far as new year's resolutions.. survive? can that be one?

there are a few things i need to do better: drink more water, read more bible, figure out a cleaning schedule, stick to our budget, don't be such a fatty [i'll start that one once i'm no longer housing a child within my body].
and a few goals i'd like to accomplish: finish painting inside the house and finish up little projects, prepare for and birth baby number 3.
and then the things we should all be trying to do: be a better momma, a better friend, serve others more, love our husbands well, run a household in a way that glorifies God.

so 2015 should be fun. we've already got some fun things on the docket. and we're having another baby! THREE. BABIES. and it'll be our first full year in the house. it should be good. and full and busy and all those things. here goes nothing!

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  1. Now I know how you get everything done. You have 54 weeks in your year. :-)


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