Tuesday, December 23, 2014

weekend of fun: winter edition.

well, i've already told you that we were gonna do all this stuff. but we actually did it and this weekend was a lot of fun. so.. here's to the memories!

thursday night we made cookies. a few years ago emily bought me a set of like 1,000 cookie cutters or something so we have a lot to choose from. so we dumped them all out and let isaac henry pick the shapes he wanted. he did so good cutting them out and decorating them!


obviously bryant and i were in on the decorating action, but he did a few all by himself. we ended up with a few traditional christmas ones (you know my love affair with sprinkle trees!) but we had mustaches, threes, a heart, a bear, a hand, and a foot.

lots of yummy fun!

saturday we went to kari's birthday party. tara had told me that it was frozen but she forgot to mention that queen elsa and princess anna were coming! when we got there, the princesses were almost there and i think isaac henry was about to bust a gasket. he was asking every second, "are they coming???" "where are they?!?!" i'm so glad he only knew for like 5 minutes before they got there! ha!

i thought it was so funny because last year at kari's party isaac wore a batman shirt and kari wore a frozen shirt..

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isn't it crazy how much they've grown in just a year?! i think we need to make them wear batman and frozen every year from now on just so we can accurately measure their growth.

and then the princesses arrived. isaac henry was on cloud 9! he was all about them. it made me wanna come home and buy disney world tickets for tomorrow.

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grant don't care.

isaac was really in love. he just kept talking to them and singing to them and showing them how he can jump really high. he was pulling out all the stops. it was super cute. he has been talking about it ever since. saturday night, he said, "do you think queen elsa and princess anna can just come over to my house? and i can talk to them some more? and you and daddy can go on a date.."

so much fun! thanks for inviting us tara! you made ih's day! and i love getting to watch kari grow up!

saturady night our community group had a christmas party and we were supposed to wear tacky sweaters. y'all know i can't resist being goofy and wearing costumes, so i was all about it.

bryant was an elf on the shelf!

i cannot stop laughing at that picture! he was so funny.

and i made a sweatshirt with our pastor made up as santa.

i love our community group. some of our best friends are in there with us and it's just fun when we get together.

grant and mallory are 2 months apart. such sweet buddies..

we actually just booked a vacation with a few families in our CG for the spring and it's gonna be wild and crazy! can we leave now?!

sunday afternoon aunt em came over and brought christmas gifts..

the boys are obsessed with their "house" and i'm obsessed with the fact that it says merchanical work on it.. merchanical.

love you emily. thank you for being so good to my boys.

and this week is gonna be fun-filled too, of course! because it's christmas adam y'all! whoo!

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