Thursday, December 18, 2014

twas a week until christmas..

what?! am i stuck in a time machine? am i being punked?! ashton?!

so, obviously i've been blogger of the year lately. but i really do have stuff to say! like, i wanna show you my christmas decor.. only it's the same ole stuff you've already seen but i wanna show you it again. and then my house looks like this..

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and i'm pretty sure i cleaned that room 47 seconds ago. i know i'm not the only one. and really that picture makes it look not too bad, but believe me. it's crazy. 'tis the season. i told bryant yesterday that maybe maybe one day he'll come home to a clean house and supper cooked and not crazy children. in like 5 years.. or more. so let's just chat for a sec and pretend all of our chores are done. merry christmas from me!

1. i am loving the mail! christmas cards are my heart! i've just been taping them to the wall and i love looking at all those smiling faces and pretty babies and I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS! if you aren't on our christmas card list and want one from the ole cokers, holler at your girl.

2. how is christmas in a week?! i'm tempted to be like, "we haven't done enough magical crap!!!" but i am actually feeling really content. we've let isaac henry stay up late after bath on a few occasions and watch christmas specials and y'all, shows and not going to bed are his love language so he's pretty much in heaven and begs us/tries to trick us everyday to let him "stay up late and watch a movie with you guys!" i'm all, it's time to get a bath and get your jams on and go to bed and isaac's all, it's time to get a bath and get my jams on and WATCH A MOVIE!! we're gonna make sugar cookies and watch polar express tonight. christmas magic, here we come!

3. bryant and i celebrated our anniversary monday. 7 years! i'm pretty sure most people thought we were nuts when we wedded as babes. and we probably were. but against all odds, i love that guy more than ever. i love figuring out this messy life with him. and man, he's a hottie.

4. while december is crazy, there are these special days like today where we have nothing to do! no reason to leave the house! so we're still in our jams and it's 11:19. yikes. but it's nice to have a breather because let me just tell you about our weekend because i know we're the only people in the world that are busy and then you can anticipate all the things that i may or may not blog about (probably not.. let's not give me too much credit.) tomorrow i need to go to walmart to get the last few things for bryant's outfit for the tacky christmas sweater party that's on saturday. then bryant and i have eye doctor appointments. then we have my extended family christmas celebration which always promises to be entertaining. saturday morn, aunt em is coming to visit for a little bit and then we have a birthday party in the afternoon and then tacky christmas sweater party with our community group saturday night. and blah blah blah. but bryant's off all next week and CHRISTMAS! holla!

5. last thing, because 5 seems like a good place to stop and everyone says, amen! grant's walking-ish. he took like 15 steps in a row yesterday. he's getting pretty good. he's not falling as much and just getting braver. gotta make way for number 3! i should probably do a grant update soon because he's changing and cracking me up and is sooo different from isaac henry and i like him.       

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