Monday, December 1, 2014


well, there's nothing like blogging for 2 weeks straight and then stopping, am i right?!

and i don't wanna hear no jokes about how you didn't mind the silence.

anyway, what better way to jump back in than to tell you about our thanksgiving?

we got up and ate cinnamon rolls that i had intended to fancy up like turkeys, but that just didn't happen. for one thing i accidentally bought the cinnamon rolls that are just a glorified biscuit and not swirled up.. you know what i mean, right? and secondly, when it came down to it, i just didn't really feel like it. and i told no one my plan so no one even knew that i failed.. until now. it's the thought that counts?

bryant watched charlie brown thanksgiving and some of the parade with the boys while i started fixing lunch.

mom and dad came over to our house and brought turkey and dressing and gravy. and i made a bunch of sides and my traditional thanksgiving pies. and we had a big ole feast. can i just say how i love thanksgiving food?! oh my my.

after we gorged ourselves, we just played with the boys for a while until they were ready to nap. then we put them down and played board games because that's what we do on the holidays. we ate an early supper of left overs and mom offered to put the boys to bed and let us go see mockingjay. so that's what we did. i love those movies. they're just so good!

thanksgiving was a good day. it was laid back and delicious and i wore my "thanksgiving pants" aka maternity pants, ha! so it was a good day.

i think holidays can sometimes be not fun. when your family doesn't look like you expected it to look, there can just be a lot of disappointment. and it can be sad. and i have felt that in the years past. i felt little bits of that this year. but i'm learning to just enjoy what i have, the family i have. life is hard, but God is so good. and mostly i just felt a sense of sweetness this thanksgiving.

i am so thankful. for so many things. for my hard working, funny, handsome husband. my sweet, silly boys. a new little baby that's growing in my belly and is already so anticipated and loved. my parents who love us so well and help us so much. our amazing friends that have become our family. our great church family. women i admire and can seek wisdom from/walk the momma-hood road with. our super cool new dream house [how did this happen?! how do we get to live here?! crazy!!]. jesus and his never ending grace for me when i fail every day as a wife and a mom and a friend and a person. so so many things.. ice cream. new friendships. friday night family movie nights. you!

you get the picture. we're blessed.

and now it's december.. what. the. heck?   

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