Wednesday, December 31, 2014

number 3: 15 weeks and 16 weeks.

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wow, those blurry photos are great! dearest number 3, i promise i don't love you less. i just have less time and/or energy. love, your momma.

symptoms: well, i feel really good. except i'm totally out of breath. like, when people call me they probably think they've interrupted my p90x routine but i just walked across the room. so i'm a fatty, that's good. also, the break outs. i am over it. my face looks like a pizza. and es no beuno. the kid's gonna be beautiful, cause they are stealing all my beauty.

doctor news: i went to the doctor last week and everything was good. heartbeat was in the 140s and my weight was not in the 140s. since like freshman year of high school.. ha! and my doctor was like, you've gained 5 lbs. and i was like, it's christmas and i'm eating cookies everyday and it's really not fair to weigh people during christmas and i haven't even pooped today yet. and he was like, ok.

maternity clothes: my regular shirts are running out of room and maternity shirts are a pain in the rear to find! i'm having the hardest time finding tshirts this time. tshirts! i've bought all three that target has to offer, so get ready for those to be seen and seen and seen and seen..

cravings/food: nothing really stands out. today i really wanted a chicken cobb salad from panera. i think it was the tangy dressing and gorgonzola i was wanting. so i went and got one and it was deliciously tangy! confession time, i need to drink more water, desperately. i'm really bad about it. so, here's to dirnking more! ...water.  

gender/name: we go JANUARY 21. i am chomping at the bit. i keep going back and forth, it's a boy! it's a girl! and bryant's like it's a sister! and i'm like stop saying that! we don't know! but we've nailed down names [i think. but seriously this time.] and i'm ready to know what's in there! 

and just in case you can't get enough of me or you're just bored and don't wanna come do my chores to pass the time.. 
grant's pregnancy: 15 weeks. 16 weeks.
isaac henry's pregnancy: 15 weeks. 16 weeks.

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