Friday, December 19, 2014

number 3: 14 weeks.

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well, looky here. i've been 14 weeks for almost a week now.. so i should probably do a little posty post. nothing has really changed. actually, i have to keep reminding myself that i'm pregnant.

but here's a few things just to keep ya on your toes.

i go back to the doctor monday. just for the check up and i can't wait to hear that heartbeat. and i'm contemplating sneaking into the ultrasound room and sticking that wand on my belly when no one is looking and seeing if i can see a weenie or not.

also, i'm kinda thinking that i felt the baby move just a little. i mean, my email said that it's the size of a clenched fist so anything's possible right?!

and lastly, we may have decided on a name.. i don't know. but it's consuming my brain. so i'm ready to decide and get it over with!

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