Monday, December 8, 2014

number 3: 13 weeks.

sooo, second trimester. i guess we should talk about this baby. i got an email this morning saying that it was the size of a peach! that's huge!

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iphone picture taken in comfies and i'm not looking too cute and this is exactly the same thing i did with number two. and where is my originality?! did it die with number 2?! #thirdchild

let me just recap the first trimester and then we'll dig in a little deeper.. it sucked and then it didn't.

symptoms: earlier on i felt like awful. so much nausea and puke. absolutely no energy. and all the teenage pimples you could ever dream of. so then we found out i have a low thyroid this time, which i didn't have with the boys. and it caused a lot of extra anxiety and worry and blood work at the beginning because no one likes to here, "everything looks really great!! except..." so i was all, "crap." but as it turns out, low thyroid is pretty common and not that big of a deal. they got me on some medicine and within a week my energy levels were back to i'm tired because i'm in my first trimester and have two hoodlums normal and not i'm on my death bed and will literally die if i don't nap right now abnormal. about a week after that my nausea subsided and now i'm feeling real good!

cravings: during the no good awful nausea days all i could even think about eating/manage to eat was fast food cheeseburgers and fries. and sugar-y cereal. i was a little terrified that i would gain 500 lbs. but now i'm back to normal eating habits. although i have decided it's unfair to be pregnant during the holidays because you're getting weighed all the time and.. yikes.

fat: yep. the seasoned uterus is at it again. and there's some grant fat left over so i'm looking real good and pregnant. maternity pants all the way.. and by maternity pants i mean, if i'm at home, leggings and jams, my friends.

gender: ahhhh! everybody wants a girl this time. and at first i was like, who cares?! boys rock. i love boys. blah blah blah. but i can't hide it anymore, i kinda want a girl. i will not be sending a boy back and i will love him and all will be well because hello, it's a baby and really, who cares?! but we're gonna have to buy all new clothes anyway because june clothes and october clothes don't jive and i think it's a girl and i just kinda want it to be. and then we heard the heartbeat and it was 172! GIRL!!!!! but then i was looking at grant's pregnancy journal and his was 171 and he's very much not a girl, so ppsshhhh.  

names: i will most likely be delivering this child in the looney bin because picking a name is driving me bonkers!! we have a short list but none of them have that I WILL NAME MY BABY ____ IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO! feeling. i mean, we have some great options and they're cute and whatever. and i will not list the names here because that feels really vulnerable. and i don't care if you like what i like (honestly, don't care! you're gonna love the kid no matter their name is.), but i don't wanna talk about it here. so text me or email me and i'll tell you. ha! also, isaac henry insists that we name the baby bob, so there you have it. i do love suggestions. i like old, classic, southern, double names. give 'em to me!

is that a good enough update? i feel like yes.

in case you wanna compare the bellies.. they're pretty alike.
isaac henry. grant

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