Friday, December 12, 2014

isaac says.

because it's friday and my house is a wreck and we're going on a date tonight and have a crazy weekend ahead, let's laugh at some things isaac henry has said lately..

just your average super hero at the walmart..

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isaac luring grant into the living room, ET style, with goldfish. i was dying!

walking to our booth at a restaurant, isaac henry spots a man with a rather large beard.
isaac henry (shouting): LOOK AT THAT BIG BEARD!!!
bearded man and wife: laughter.
bryant and me: yep. that's a big beard.

talking about john the baptist at bible time..
me: would you eat grasshoppers??
isaac henry: NO WAY! ..i only eat sandwiches.

ih: momma? you need a wittle pat pat?
me: yeah, i could use a pat pat.
ih pats me on the back.
ih: you need a wittle pat pat on your butt?!
me: no, i think i'm good. *laughing* how did i get the two cutest boys?
ih: God gived them to you!!

after a long day..
me: i'm ready for daddy to come home.
ih: i'm ready to eat pretzels!!!!

we're upstairs playing and isaac is alone in his room. he suddenly comes out of his room, with no pants on and his ... is sticking out of the hole of his underwear (new discovery!)..
ih: MOMMA!!!!! i have a hole in mine underwear right here!! can i PLEASE pee out of it?!?!

me: what do you want for christmas?
ih: ummm.. ham.

we had just ate lunch for bryant's birthday at firehouse and on our way home we pulled into culver's drive-thru to get some ice cream.
isaac henry: we don't need another lunch!! 

we all just woke up from naps and while we were sleeping our neighbor put up one of those inflatable snow globes in the yard. upon seeing it isaac exclaims, "oh my goodness!!! it's just my luck!!! that's all i love to see for christmas!!!"

sometimes isaac henry asks me to draw random pictures for him on the chalkboard. on this day he wanted a turn..

"it's a hotdog!"

ih: how many days 'til christmas?
me: 14.
ih: only 4 days?!?! (holds up 4 fingers.)
me: no, 14 days.
ih: (defeated) my can't hold up 14..

we're out running errands..
ih: momma! we need to get home!! i gotta get a scoop of ice cream.

ih is telling me about when he grows up: when i grow up like a man i can be a worker guy, or a police officer, or a farmer guy... but i would love to be a daddy.
me: *puddle on floor*

me: do you think we'll have a brother or a sister this time?
ih: a brother. me no like girls.
me: yes you do! what about olyvia? you love olyvia!
ih: yeah, and me love clainey too. but me no love sisters.
me: but if it's a sister you'll still love her, right??
ih: no.

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