Tuesday, December 30, 2014

christmas a la cokers.

here's our christmas tree!

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and just when you thought you couldn't see one more picture of a cute kid opening presents! wrong-o! and it's till december for like 24 hours so i think i'm in the clear to post this.

we kicked off our christmas festivities on christmas adam with my forever friend rachel and her husband jon.

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i fixed fajitas and we visited for a while and isaac henry was obsessed with jon. time with them is always so sweet to me. we've been friends for 15 years! isn't that nuts?! rach is one of the good ones.

on christmas eve we went over to mom and dad's house for brunch where we indulged in breakfast food, my fave. once we were done eating, the spoiling of the grandchildren commenced. per usual, grant and isaac henry received approximately 27 toys each.

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isaac henry had a very robot driven christmas this year. he got a whole set of transformers from us. and from papa and ne he got this "bad guy robot that has superman in it and can put people in jail!" that he's been asking for for months.

when he realized what it was, he looked at mom and in the sweetest voice said, "you got it for me!" i think he was just so happy that he got what he's been asking for.

grant mostly opened his gifts, pointed and said "da!" which is his way of saying "that!"

christmas eve night we went to christmas eve service at our church. i always love that service. it was cute.. during service we take communion, which isaac henry hasn't really ever seen or heard about. so bryant was explaining it the best he could during the service and isaac henry heard what our pastor said. and isaac henry knows that Jesus died on the cross and about the crucifixion. anyway, we got home and isaac was like, "Jesus's body was broken... so we have to eat him." oh my.

also before we left for service, i tried to get a picture of the boys in their cute christmas-y clothes. will i never learn?! why do my children hate me and my camera?? whyyy??? i was sweating and about to cuss or punch a kid. and bryant just kept saying, "this is momma's christmas present! look at the camera!"

eventually i gave up because we were running late, but i begged and bribed and threatened my children once we got home and actually got a few cute ones.. even though isaac henry insisted they sit on the bench and not in front of the tree like i had wanted.

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but wait! it's a christmas miracle! it is physically possible for you to sit in front of the tree and smile..

those children and them not cooperating for pictures will be the death of me. cause of death: trying to capture the memories.

after the photo shoot, we got the boys in their jams and settled in for popcorn and hot chocolate/chocolate milk and charlie brown. maybe my favorite tradition.  

and of course they were voluntarily cute for that. not that i'm bitter or anything but i'm pretty sure isaac henry said something like, "momma, we're being cute. take a picture of us!" 

then they were off to bed and while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads, bryant and i set out christmas and stuffed stockings.

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and then on christmas morning, the boys got to work. 

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evidently i'm off my game this year and didn't set out all their stuff and get a picture of it. but they both got way too much. BUT they've been playing with the stuff we got them, so i consider that a success. like i said, isaac henry's big gift was the full set of rescue bots transformers and they have become his life. grant got that elephant ball popper and a melissa and doug truck, both of which have seen a lot of play. and surprisingly, everything has found a home, which equals a happy momma.

it was a great christmas. isaac henry was super sad to see it end and is already talking about next year.

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now for 2015! quick! eat all the christmas clearance candy while there's still time!

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