Tuesday, November 4, 2014

trick or treat. smell my feet.

i know you've already seen the cuteness that was my boys on halloween. but i've got to record the details because i'm family secretary or something.

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in case you somehow missed the memo, isaac henry is obsessed with firemen right now. so he obviously had to be a fireman, and what else would grant man be besides isaac henry's loyal firedog? they wore their costumes to the library last week for halloween day and then on halloween to target. and every time someone would say, "what a cute puppy!" or "look at that dalmatian!" isaac henry would passionately tell them, "HIM NO PUPPY[dalmatian, dog, whatever]! HIM IS MY FIREDOG!!!"

we got a killer deal on the melissa and doug fireman outfit from essex and he uses it on the daily. and i bought the dalmatian costume second hand for $3. but i had to incorporate something homemade so i can be in the running for mother of the year..

so i made the firetruck wagon, which we didn't end up using because it was so dang cold. but it was still cute for pictures and blah blah blah.

look.. they love each other..

anyway, i love an excuse to dress up so i was fire and bryant was a fire hydrant..

although people thought he was a power button? or a poorly dressed power ranger? or they had no idea.. USE YOUR CONTEXT CLUES PEOPLE! 

we went over to some of our awesome friends' house since they live in a neighborhood [and we don't anymore! hallelujah!] ate finger foods and took all the little spooks out to trick or treat..

it was so incredibly cold. like, my face was numb by the time we were done. i tried to eat a snickers and my mouth couldn't even chew because i was so cold. but the kids had a blast and i did too.

and we have a lot of candy. so that's always nice for practicing self control..

happy halloween.. now turkey. 

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