Wednesday, November 12, 2014

isaac says.

during grant's one year pictures, laura was getting a few of isaac and this is how he wanted to pose..

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seriously!! we didn't coach him at all!! i think we probably said, "smile." but that's it. hilarious!

he always says scarf for scar. i think it's the cutest. ie: daddy has a scarf on his arm. jesus has scarfs on his hands.

i'm in the kitchen. isaac henry's in the living room..
ih: momma!!! come here!!!
momma: *walk into living room* what buddy?
ih: wellllll, i can whistle. listen.
me: ok, let's hear it. 
ih, shouting: WHOO WHOO! WHOO WHOO!

we're visiting nana [my grandma] one day.
nana [to isaac]: you are growing like a weed!

isaac is looking out the window at all the leaves falling..
"momma! look at da weaves fallin' down! they're coverin' the ground. like pepperonis cover pizza."

bryant brought me some socks home from work and we were talking about them.
bryant [to me]: i like it when you wear colored socks. i think it's hot.
me: ...
isaac henry: momma! these socks are for you to make you hot!! ... for da cold winter.

isaac henry was grounded from watching tv. he and i were sitting on the couch eating popcorn, grant was playing in the floor..
isaac: can we watch a movie too?!
me: nope, you can't watch shows right now. you lost your privileges. 
isaac [sounding defeated]: we'll just pretend to watch a movie... *looks at grant*... grant is da movie.

i found a forgotten slice of isaac's birthday cake in the pantry. it was very moldy, so i obviously threw it away. isaac witnessed it.
isaac: why you throw my cake away?!
me: well, it's moldy. it's not good anymore.
isaac: momma. i'm sorry YOU RUINED MY CAKE.

isaac henry recounting the bonfire we had at our house for the youth..
"member last night when we had a bonfire??? and we made hotdogs. and ate smashmellows??? "

a few days ago isaac henry took a really long nap. when he woke up..
isaac henry: i slept a long time.
me: yeah, you did! 3 hours!
isaac henry: is it christmas now?

walking through walmart isaac spies a man with an eyepatch.
isaac henry, shouting: ARRRGGG MATEY!!! YOU IS A PIWATE!!!
me: ...
pirate: ...


  1. bahahaha.. must have been a mute pirate ...

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHA!! Just snotted on my computer laughing!

  3. that boy WOW ... love it, keep em coming !!


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