Wednesday, November 5, 2014

grant's first birthday party.

well, we had a little throwdown for the pork chop. i figured we ought to since he survived a whole year and all. we invited the grands and our closies/framily [i like making up vocabulary] over on sunday evening for a little dessert celebration.

i went back and forth between pie and cookies. but in the end, pie always wins. it just feels fall-y to me. and grant is so mature that pie just seemed to suit him.

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of course i displayed all of grant's monthlies because that's my favorite and it's just crazy to me how much they grow that first year..

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

i meant to make him a tshirt for the party but i'm a busy woman. so overalls. always overalls.

we served pie and whipped cream/ice cream. A LA MODE. it was perfect! i made most of the pies but marie callender helped me with 2.

don't you just want to stick your face in there?!

ps. the best thing about a pie party is leftover pie. pie for breakfast. pie for snack. pie for dessert. there's lots o' pie going on over here. my hips don't lie.

i kept the rest of the decor pretty simple. a few of grant's one year pictures around, a few mini buntings and my chalkboards..

us with the birthday boy [who so desperately wanted a nap. should've taken one when you had the chance grant man!]..

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

he got lots of new cute stuff and fun toys. he liked pulling the tissue paper out but he had lots of help [coughisaachenrycough] so most of his stuff was just magically opened for him..

with papa and ne..

we have the best friends. seriously, they rock.. i know you've never heard this because i never ever talk about how awesome they are.. but i figured it's about time i tell you that our friends are great.

it was a fun, delicious evening of celebrating our boy. he is our sweetie pie. 

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