Friday, November 7, 2014

a few things.

i feel ready for christmas this year. i'm just antsy to get the jolly started. i was feeling real holly jolly this morning so i filled up my amazon cart and all i have to do is press check out and the boys' christmas will be done! like, all. except christmas jams and ornaments. that's incredible.

one thing i discovered on my amazon shopping spree is that i have a problem. a kids' books problem. i. can't. say. no. 

also, i really want to do the elf on a shelf. which is kinda strange because we don't do santa. but i think isaac henry would think it is hilarious and i love imagination so we just might have to figure out a way to do it without all the you better not pout, you better not cry stuff..

except we might should do the you better not pout, you better not cry stuff because a certain child of the three year old variety is giving me a run for my money these days. and he's a rooster so we get an early start on the insanity. like 5:20. that's AM, people. the other day he woke up and literally yelled cock-a-doodle-doo. LITERALLY.

some other fun catch phrases include, "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!" "THE SUN'S OUT!!!!" "IT'S MORNIN' TIME!!!!"

good thing they're cute..

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and coffee. that's also a good thing.

i was talking with some friends about the challenges of motherhood last night. and my girl lindsey said, "in times like those, i just think.. what would michelle duggar do?" hahahahaha. it cracks me up, but seriously i do the same thing!! every time i'm fixing to lose my cool, i'm all.. ok lindsey jo, channel michelle. 

i think we need bracelets. WWMDD? [and the answer is.. whisper. and then have another baby.]

they really are great. i have no right to complain. it's just hard when you're in the trenches, ya know??

we went out with our friends the other night and ate good food and then we went and watched the judge. it was really good! i hadn't been to the movies in a while and that was a good one to go to. there's a bunch of other stuff that i've seen previews for that look pretty good, but i'm sure we'll just redbox them. mom and dad weren't able to watch the boys that night so we got a sitter, which we seriously never do, because.. mom and dad are free [and awesome!] but anyway we got one of our teenagers and she was great and the boys were good for her and they were both asleep when we got home. so that's a surprising success.

which leads me to the next and final thing.. bryant and i want to get away. just for a weekend. something quick and maybe close and affordable. i mean, gatlinburg is always an option. but are there better options? give me your opinion. should we just send our children to papa and ne's and go eat at restaurants, then stay at our house and sleep? ha. that also sounds appealing. WWMDD?


  1. Your blog reminded of ole james' blog.
    When I have children, I'm gonna hire you and ole jamesy to raise them. thank you.
    Love you momma! praying for you in the trenches! it's not your fault, children are all born with brain damage.. don't worry, Bill
    will explain


  2. cock-a-doodle-doo... HILARIOUS!!! That kid is FUNNY!!! I mean... I'm sorry for your lack of sleep... but that's dern funny!!

    And... no, you and Bry need to GET AWAY!! You need to send the kids somewhere, go out, find a hotel, and get jiggy there. It's always more fun in a strange, new hotel!! So go... book your room RIGHT NOW!!! No EXCUSES!

    Love you... and so glad you can always count on me and Em to comment...

  3. In lieu of Garbear's recent birthday, we are going to Louisville this weekend. I got a really good deal off living social for a room at the Galt house. We will also be hitting up some outdoor ice skating and the Evan Williams bourbon tour. I'll let you know how it all pans out! We, too, have been wanting a close-by getaway.

  4. I believe OUR Issak has given a few "cock-a-doodle-doo"s recently in the wee hours of the morning. Hilarious, but not so hilarious for grumpy bear Brandon while he's still in bed. haha! Love your blogs. Love how you love your kiddies. Anna's right-GET OUT! Go away...always different, new, and spontaneous!!

    WWMDD....that is hilarious. The trenches are hard. Praying for you, friend!


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