Thursday, October 2, 2014

throw back thursday: cow appreciation day.

i'm throwing back to the days of summer today. because summer's not over 'til the fat lady sings. also *shocker* i was a lazy blogger this summer and did a lousy job of documenting my family. consider this my commitment [hahahaha. instagram, you little blog replacer.] to resume da blog!

also also, there is almost nothing i love more than dressing up in costume. it's a strange fascination of mine. and there is nothing cuter than the boys dressed like cows.

so way back in the summer, we went to cow appreciation day at chickfila with some of our buds because 1. delicious. 2. fun. 3. free chicken for cows.

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i can't believe how much the boys have grown since summer!! and i guess isaac henry had a black eye?? always with the facial injuries.

just a momma cow and her calves..

baby cows!

they even had a cow train.


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