Friday, October 3, 2014

keurig 2.0.

my friends, meet the keurig 2.0..

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y'all know i'm not typically one to do review blogs, but shucks! send me free stuff and i'll write about it, right?! and this free stuff just happens to be awesome.

a while back we were dissatisfied with our current coffee making system so we bought a keurig. it was great. we loved it. there wasn't much that i missed about not having the traditional coffee pot. except that you couldn't brew a big pot of water. which is how i make my sweet tea. and obviously you can't brew a whole pot of coffee.

enter keurig 2.0. it can do those things! and brew a personal cup! i love having a fresh cup brewed just for me since bryant and i typically wake up at different times.

wednesday we hosted community group at our house and it was the first time i had used the brew-a-whole-pot function and it was easy and everyone was like, "this is really good coffee." we had some other keurig users over and they were googly-eyed over the big daddy keurig, as i like to refer to it.

now here's your psa. i received this product for testing and reviewing purposes for free from GO SIGN UP. they will send you free products to test and review. it's easy and who doesn't love free stuff?? seriously, do it sister.

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