Thursday, October 16, 2014

it's the kitchen.

at this house you don't come in the front door. you come in the side door which opens up into the kitchen. side door guests are best.

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do you like our gazillion pumpkins?! i think they are reproducing!

waa laa!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

when i walked into this house for the first time it was this kitchen that made me say "uh-oh." cause i love it! we've painted and added that light above the island but that's it in this room.

we've got all these hooks on your left when you first walk in. it's the perfect place to kick off your shoes.

i'd love to have an old church pew there one day but then i guess the hooks would be obsolete.. so i don't know. i just think it'd be cute.

and see there's the whatever room on your left..

looking back into the kitchen from the whatever room..

does that help you get the layout?

also that open door on the far left of the picture is our room. it's off of the dining area. 

we ordered that step stool from ikea. and i LOVE it. i need to decide what color to paint it. i'm kinda thinking coral, but is that too girly for my fam?? opinions? i feel like i have enough teal and blue and yellow.

some people were like, "i don't know if you're gonna like having all glass front cabinets." but i really do! i keep it pretty organized and i love getting to see all my fun glasses and stuff.

i did cover the inside of one set of cabinets with burlap. just hot glued it on there. this cabinet is for all the uglies. ya know, like sippy cups and water bottles and extra [not cute] mugs, crap you have to have but don't necessarily want on display..

looking over into the dining space..

one more look back into the kitchen so you can kinda see the layout again and that we have a fridge..

just kidding two more looks. the cabinets are chippy. especially the bottom ones. you can kinda see it in this pic. i love it! it adds so much character!!

and that door behind the entry door is a big ole pantry.

ok, back to the dining area..

we bought this hutch off craigslist for this house. there are no hall closets downstairs so i use this to hold all the boys' craft and preschool-y stuff and puzzles.

the lady i bought it from already had it fixed up like that.. isn't it perfect?!

i know you were getting nervous but my chalkboard made the move. of course. you know i gotta have my big momma chalkboard! i did paint it white since the walls are blue. the original blue didn't mesh well with the new wall color.

ignore that gross flower water. yuck.

sneak peak alert! the front room on the left through the french doors..

i'll show ya that later.

i really feel like the pictures don't do the house justice. YOU HAVE TO COME SEE IT. and walk around and sit on the couch and look out into the back yard at the creek. maybe i'm just in love. or we've really been working our butts off and i want someone besides us to appreciate it! ha! but seriously, it just feels so right that we're here. it's not perfect, but throw me a cup of coffee and let me watch the boys running around playing and it's pretty dang close.


  1. Swoon.... Can I move in?
    It's precious!! Just like you

  2. Okay, I'm just noticing the world's cutest curtains over the sink. Amazing! Just got that stool from Ikea and also debating what to paint it. My first thought was yellow but I paint everything yellow.....did you ever decide?


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