Tuesday, October 7, 2014

isaac says.

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isaac had the hiccups.
ih: momma! i tink i got da hippos!

isaac henry: where's my sister?
me: you don't have a sister.
isaac henry: um, yeah. grant man is my sister. 
me: no, grant is a boy.
isaac henry: yeah, he's my boy sister.
me: i think that's called a brother..

after a long summer of wearing shorts, we had our first cool day and i was putting some sweatpants on isaac henry for the first time this season. when his leg didn't come out where it would've in shorts he exclaimed, "WHAT IN DA WORLD?!"

driving down the road, we see some kids playing on a playground.
isaac: those are big kids. me not a big kid yet.
me: yep.
isaac: momma, you is a big girl...
me: mmhmm..
isaac: but you're pretty though... sometimes.
me: ...

everytime we drive to nashville and isaac sees the batman building he says, "dat's where batman lives! where does superman live???"

when we ate lunch in nashville with papa, isaac kept looking up at the buildings and exclaiming, "dis is da biggest building i've ever seen in me whole life!!!!"

one of isaac's bible verses: in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Tennessee 1:1

coloring with markers, ih picks up the gray. "MOMMA! i found the amazing gray!" (as in amazing grace)

after a night of not sleeping well and waking up a ton, i was interagating isaac henry the next morning.
me: why did you keep waking up last night?
ih: well. i didn't want to! i didn't mean to!
me: were you scared or did you not feel good?
ih: i just wasn't sleepy.
me: are you sleepy now?
ih: well. i still got my jammies on!

isaac's supper prayer: thank you for this lunch. thank you for our family. somethin' about you God.. and help me to be good. amen.

isaac's nighttime prayer: thank you for our family. help me no pee in me underwear. help me no pee in me diaper. amen.

we're talking about some of isaac's older buddies.
isaac: where's john martin? is him at school like bo?
me: well, yeah. kinda. john martin does school at his house.
isaac, very offended, acting like i'm the biggest dummy: momma. that's not a school. that's a home.

isaac had pretended earlier in the day to nurse his baby, george. he had said "my need to feed my baby." and lifted up his shirt to nurse george. so i was telling bryant about it..
me: isaac, how did you feed george earlier? show daddy.
ih: *raises shirt and points to nipple* my give him milk out of my pimple.
me: uncontrollable laughter.
bryant: what was that buddy?
ih: me just give george milk from my milk thing like dis. *continues pointing to nipple*
me: uncontrollable laughter.
ih *gets on bryant's lap. raises shirt* here daddy, drink. drink this.
us: more laughter.
ih: *puts empty sippy cup to nipple* me gonna put milk in dis for daddy. *hands bryant sippy cup after "refilling it."
us: cracking. up.  

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  1. Hilarious!!!! My favorite: You pretty...sometimes.


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