Monday, October 20, 2014

isaac henry's ernge birthday party.

in april, we threw my dad a surprise party for his 50th birthday and no joke, isaac henry has been talking about his own party ever since. everytime we asked him what kind of party he wanted, he'd say "ernge, my fave-it tuh-ler." he's obsessed with his favorite color, orange, and knowing everyone else's favorite color. and he never changed his mind! not even once. SINCE APRIL. so it had to be an orange party. isaac henry's only requests were that his friends come over, eat orange cake, and have orange balloons. 

that i can do. we kept the guest list smaller this year because it's the first year that ih really has friends and could tell us who he wanted to invite.

i did my chalkboards because i just can't quit them..

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and made his orange cake.. it's two bundt cakes cut and iced together. i was pleased with how it turned out.

we had the party from 11-1 so we served pizza for lunch (it's kinda orange, right?) and some other orange foods..

another chalkboard..

and orange balloons, his other request..

we actually blew these up on his birthday eve because we wanted them to be there when he woke up on his birthday morning. it was so cute. he came down the stairs and said "momma! it's my birthday and i just now turned three!" we gave him his presents from us on his actual birthday..

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we also met bryant for lunch at firehouse (isaac's other obsession) because as isaac pointed out, "they have sandwiches AND cookies!" ha.

ok, back to the party..

papa and grant.. 

isaac and his friend kari..

and their mommas..

thankful for that girl and our lifelong friendship. it's so neat to see our kiddos playing together when we used to be the kiddos playing together!

isaac and grant got a swingset as their big gift from us and papa and ne. and it was perfect! the weather was great and it was so nice for the kids to be able to play outside..

this is isaac with his best friend, jack..

they're so sweet together. i hope they're friends forever.

we asked all the guests to wear orange. and grandma showed up in this..

hahahahaha. i was dying. isaac henry didn't even recognize her. she started walking toward the house and isaac shouted, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!" and after we explained it was grandma, he said "you look like a clown." so funny.

ih got lots of cool new toys..

that had to be immediately opened and tested out..

then we ate cake..

he blew each candle out individually. so cute!

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eating with his lady friends.. kari, mclaine (my clainey, as isaac refers to her), and josie (jack's big sister)..

besides isaac henry's buddies and the grands, we had a few of his adult faves there too..

aunt em..

and meme and dede..

don't you love friends that are more like family?!

it was a great day.

i loved celebrating our big three year old. and he had a blast at his ernge party!


  1. That's such a sweet little birthday party. I love that he wanted it all to be his fave color. PRESH!

  2. he is too freaking cute! I cannot believe he is 3!


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