Thursday, October 30, 2014

grant at 12 months.

well, our baby is one! he still feels like he should be a little baby to me. but he's really not. and this month has proven that! he's just growing up and changing and it's all so bittersweet.

and isn't it always so suiting that the last pictures are the absolute hardest. i'm like, let's just get through this one last time! and he's like, no. 

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this month grant:
  • is just getting more funny and mischeivous by the day.
  • he gives the sweetest snuggly hugs and the best big ole smooches. 
  • definitely still a momma's boy.
  • lives to aggravate isaac henry. he wants what isaac has and will not settle for anything less, lest a tantrum ensue.
  • we think he's gonna be a little athlete. he's got the best hand eye coordination and loves throwing balls and stuff like that. 
  • when i was around 7 weeks pregnant, grant decided he was done nursing. just. done. which led to a lot of discomfort on my end since he went from nursing at least 5 times a day to zero.. in a day's time. that was fun. but he's done great. loves milk from a sippy, just doesn't love holding his own sippy. he'll bring you the sippy cup and make you hold it for him. king grant. 
  • speaking of the food situation. oh my. this boy EATS. like, more than his brother. and i'm fairly certain that if there is food within his line of sight he wants to eat it and he will continue eating it until you remove him from the food. he's a hog.
  • has 4 teeth and more on the way. his two front teeth have the cutest gap i ever did see. 
  • 21 lbs. and a little over 29 inches tall. wearing a solid 12 months.
  • says momma, dada, bubba, ne [sometimes, like twice], papa, ball, hi, bye bye. 
  • loves the swingset, walking with a push toy [or make shift push toy], balls, all things edible and some things unedible, playing peek-a-boo, being sung to and held, and having socks put on his feet [strange]. 
  • dislikes having his nose wiped, not being coddled to sleep, and not getting his way.
this year has been awesome. i am so so glad grant is ours. he's a hoot and so sweet and we just love him and can't wait to see him grow into more of a little person.

that was fun but now it's done. [daniel tiger fans?]

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isaac henry at 12 months

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