Tuesday, October 21, 2014

business in the front [room]. party also in the front [room].

when we first moved, i had a hard time adjusting to two living spaces. i just tried to cram everything into one space because i was used to the jumbo living room at the old house. obviously that didn't pan out. so we have our living room (you can see here!). and our front room. we use this room for downstairs toy city and this is where we gather for community group.

enough mammer jammer. here tis. the front room in all her glory..

above is the view from the french doors/dining area.

this is kinda looking over from the stairs..

we ordered that couch from ikea and so far i've been very pleased. you can obviously tell it's not high end but for a washable $300 couch, i don't think you can beat it.

i definitely need some throw pillows for the couch. just add it to the ever growing list of more crap to do.. 

there's also this great window seat in the front room.. i love it! i had a hard time deciding what window treatments to use on these windows because we do use this area for seating and the beadboard makes things a little tricky and this room gets so hot in the afternoon so i needed something that would block the sun and yada yada.. i ended up making these roman shades from the cheapo mini blinds.

they were time consuming but very easy and i love how they turned out.

here's the view over to the front door from in front of the fireplace..

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like i've said, we don't use the front door. but there are the stairs and if you kept walking, you'd end up back in the living room.

the fireplace and looking back into the dining area..

those french doors are awesome because you can close that and gate off the hallway leading to the living room and the children are trapped in the front room. ha!

a little collage wall on the half wall beside the stairs..

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and that's it!

stay tuned. the more rooms i faux clean, the more rooms i blog!

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