Thursday, October 23, 2014

a shower for katie claire.

a couple of weeks ago we had a shower for meghan at our house. she's having katie claire in january and i.cannot.wait. babies are just so exciting and when it's the first it's more exciting and when you love the parents a whole lot it's even more exciting, so really i'm just super excited. and then to top it off she's got a double name. that just gets me. it's like a special club that i am glad to welcome katie claire into. ha!

of course i had to make her a little quilt..

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those name quilts are my very favorite. and i picked her up some cute girly outfits because i cannot say no to the girl clothes! boy clothes are like.. a navy shirt with a pocket. but girl clothes! bows and polka dots and cute cute cute.

our little "theme" was apples so i did a few chalkboards and we had some apples and banners. pretty simple but i think it was cute..

one lady from our church makes cakes and she made those chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling. oh. my. they were sooo good!

and the other ladies from church all brought food and it was yum!

i just love shower food.


i'm so thankful for meghan and her friendship. it's so funny to me how you think you've made all the best friends you're gonna make and then more just come into your life and you can't imagine not having them.

cokers love the dukes! can't wait to smooch katie claire!! 

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