Tuesday, September 30, 2014

grant at 11 months.

what better way to break the silence than to talk about how we have an 11 month old? obligatory "how did this happen? where did the time go?? wahhhhhh, my babbbyyyyy!!!" exclamations.

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i'm 11 months old homies..

at 11 months grant:
  • lives for graham crackers.
  • activities include but are not limited to making a break for it, climbing the stairs always, and cruising around/wanting to walk.
  • his favorite thing is to crawl away really fast so you'll grab his feet and drag him back to you. 
  • also enjoys dropping food on the floor. dear lord, can this phase please end?! gravity works, we get it.
  • he received his first major goose egg this month. and continues to bump that exact spot over and over again so it will probably never go away. apparently coker boys are goose egg heads.
  • transitioning back into cloth dipes. cross your fingers with me. 
  • loving all food. this kid is not picky. he also likes to eat dead bugs, rocks, dirt, mystery things from the ground. he's just a hog. faves: scrambled eggs, sausage, really any meat, bananas, apple cinnamon chex, GRAHAM CRACKERS, and anything that you're eating and he's not.
  • tried some cow milk this month and LOVED it, but he still loves nursing. like, a lot. 
  • still just the bottom two teeth but his top left one is trying to come through as i type and it's giving him a case of the grumpy pants.  
  • moving into 12 month clothes officially except his 12 month wardrobe is all fall stuff and it's still hot so i'm just cramming him in the same two 9 month outfits repeatedly. 
  • cute stuff that makes me wanna smooch him: he gives the best open mouth sugar without being asked, high fives all around, plays peekaboo by putting his hand or anything [mostly food] on his head [it is the cutest thing ever!], he loves this game where he throws a ball and goes gets it, throws the ball and goes gets it, throws a ball and goes gets it, all around the room.
he's the sweetest. i like him.

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isaac at 11 months

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