Tuesday, September 2, 2014

grant at 10 months.

oh hello, it's just the mother of the year checking in.

on the day of grant turning 10 months, not only did i nearly forget altogether, but i misplaced the charger to my dead camera and my house was in the state of we're-moving-tomorrow so i couldn't find it and my phone memory was also completely full.. then i had to go digging for a onesie that didn't have a sweet potato stain which was quite the challenge. good thing grant is a photogenic little booger. and here we are, like a week later.. yikes. #secondchildprobs

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grant this month:
  • this kid is a firecracker! where did this come from?! soo mischievous. constantly getting into something. it's a little peek of toddlerhood. you say "no grant!" and he just looks at you with a big smile and says "heh heh." and goes back to what he's doing. exhibit a: he broke the dvd player with his little pointer finger.
  • grant's laugh = a drug.
  • cruisin' all around. and he's a monkey. climbing always!
  • finally got two teeth! his bottom middle. praise jesus it wasn't that front tooth! 
  • exclusively eating table food with the occasional food pouch when we're on the go. he drank out of a sippy cup once this month, apple juice. so needless to say, he's still very much on the boob. very. much.
  • his favorite food is scrambled eggs and any kind of meat. he likes most stuff though. 
  • words: momma, dada, bubba, hi, byebye. he wants to say papa so bad. and he's just babbling all the time!
  • claps, blows sugars, gives high fives.
  • still hates sleep. that's just fun times all around.    
  • grant is so funny. but in a different way than isaac henry. i'm loving seeing his little personality come out! 
  • something new this month (i think?) is that he LOVES being chased/chasing! if you crawl after him or let him crawl after you, he cracks up and goes soo fast!! he loves it! 
grant man is such a joy. he's his momma's boy for sure. i cannot believe he's fixing to be one! 

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isaac henry at 10 months.

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