Wednesday, August 20, 2014


this morning is the kind of morning where you have to ask yourself, "do i want to drink a second cup of coffee and risk pooping 4 times before noon or risk falling asleep while my children use me as a jungle gym?"

i went with the first option because i have no where to be today and i. am. so. tired. because grant has been struggling with sleep for the last.. say.. 9 months or so. insert squinty eye emoji here. to be fair, i think the current sleep destroying culprit is 4 teeth just right below the surface. and grant is all, "THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON IN MY MOUTH AND I CAN'T SLEEP A WINK."

also, life has been Crazy [with a capital c] as of late because in a strange turn of events, we're moving! we've been just window shopping and then a few weeks ago bryant sent me a link to a house and i was like, "yeah, i mean, i like it. but we aren't doing anything right now.." and then the next day we went and saw it cause why not? and as soon as i walked in, i was like uh-oh. cause it's perfect and it's where we want our boys to grow up and where we want to bring home the rest of our babies. and i said, "if we can do it, i think we need to do it." so we did it. we sold our house in 2 days and we move next week. NEXT. WEEK.

so pretty much we've been frying the children's brains with shows, packing, researching paint colors and replacement doorknobs, etc. it's been crazy. and good. we're excited. 

in other news..

if you are a person and you like fun, you need to have a favorite things party. seriously, just do it. they are the most fun. i went to my sweet friend hannah's the other day and it's just fun to get some new little things and hang out with your favorite girls. these were my spoils..

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i brought chips and homemade salsa this time, because i'm fairly sure that's everyone's favorite thing. i think next time i'll just bring invitations to another favorite things party because they are my favorite thing. in conclusion, have this party. and invite me.

and just because i'm a doting mother and want to brag.. we got our teeth cleaned last week and i was talking to the hygienist about when we could do a real cleaning on isaac henry because he's "almost free". she was like, "we can try today if you want." and i was thinking.. yeah. good luck with that. but can you believe isaac henry climbed right up in the chair and let them CLEAN HIS TEETH?! like, no whining/crying/complaining?!  

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

he did so good! every time they'd come out of his mouth he'd look over and say "i'm being a brave boy today." i was proud.

so there's ya some random information for this wednesday. if you need me, i'll call you. 

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  1. Ahh, that's so exciting!! I need new house pictures pronto!!


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