Thursday, August 21, 2014

isaac says.

i'm making breakfast for dinner.
me: isaac henry! do you want a plain biscuit or a jelly biscuit?
isaac henry: A PLANE BISCUIT! like dusty crophopper!!!

i'm in the kitchen. from the living room..
isaac henry: uh-oh momma. there's some poop in there..
me: what??
isaac henry: there's some poop in there.
i come running into the living room expecting poop who-knows-where..
me: where's the poop?!
isaac henry: in my butt. *laughs*

grant is crawling on top of isaac henry because he's a monkey.

me: what do you want for breakfast, buddy?
isaac henry: hmmm... cookies. *side eyes, giggle*

isaac mysteriously busts his lip while playing outside. i get him calmed down and he's sitting in a patio chair. he looks over at me and says: ya know what would make my lip feel good? a popsicle.

isaac henry: oh momma! george is so sad. boo hoo hoo.

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me: why do you think george is sad?
isaac henry: me tink dat da man with the ye-wow hat give george a spankin'!

we're getting up for the morning and ih goes straight to playing.
me: hey man! where's my morning hug???
isaac henry, motioning to himself: it's still in my body!!

we're going for a walk and a jeep with the top down drives by.
ih: momma! a jeep!
.. a few seconds later a jeep with the top up drives by.
ih: and a jeep with a lid on it!!

"my dressed up."

we're playing over at a friend's house and all the kids (except mine) are getting sun-screened. isaac comes running over to me.. "my want sour cream on me too!!!!"

isaac hands me a lego tower.
ih: you can keep this forever. and you can keep me forever. ..except one day i grow up like a man and get married and have babies.
me: ok. how many babies do you think you'll have?
ih: 7. or 8. boy babies! my name them jesus.
me: oh yeah? do you have a girl picked out that you're gonna marry?
ih: probably just jack's momma.
me: i'll let her know..

ih: knock knock.
bryant and me: who's there?
ih: chicken wing.
bryant and me: chicken wing who?
ih: ... bock.

we're swimming at my parent's neighborhood pool and buddy the elf/isaac henry is doing his standard interrogation of a man in the pool. 
ih: me i-zickt ten-we toe-ter! what's your name??
man in pool: my name's alan.
ih: what's your fave-it color?!
man in pool: well, probably blue.
ih: that's like my daddy!
man in pool: what's your favorite color?
ih: ORANGE! ... what's your last name??
man in pool: farmer. spelled F-A-R-M-E-R. farmer.
ih, under his breath: it's da farmer in da dell.


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