Friday, August 22, 2014


this feels weird, i know. but the Lord works in mysterious ways like technology and such and anyway, i've got this friend..

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she's gorgeous, right? once again, i know.

that's emily. as you can see she's a bombshell. but also she's just so much fun. seriously she's gonna make the coolest wife [besides me, but i'm taken]. emily lives in the nashville area. i won't tell you exactly where because you might be creepy. but she's more than willing to meet you in a well-lit area. ha!

she's an occupational therapist so she's got lots of fun stories. she's smart, compassionate, hilarious, and up for a good time. she's the best friend. she likes outdoorsy things like camping and rock-climbing and running. she likes orphans and adoption. she's a dog person. and she likes the mexican food. that's a requirement, you must love salsa. her family isn't crazy, which is always a plus.

and here's the real great thing, she loves Jesus. like, a lot. i love her heart for Jesus.

really i just love her. she's a big weirdo, but in the best way possible. 

if you think you'd like a date, holler at me. i'll hook ya up.

no weirdos allowed, unless you're the good kind of weirdo, like emily.  

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  1. If I was a boy... I'd marry her! ;)

  2. Haha! I just laughed at this. Ya'll are crazy! Love reading the blog. :)


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